resco.Labs’ AI team starts work on AI Chatbot Assistant

resco.Labs AI chatbot Assistant header image

The resco.Labs’ AI team has successfully developed the initial version of an AI-powered support assistant by integrating Chat GPT’s API with our support and learning resources.  

This means that when you ask a question, you will get an answer that combines information from various sources. You will then chat with the AI Assistant and ask it to give you more information as needed to accompany you in your task.  

We are excited to follow how language models like Chat GPT make human-computer interaction much more natural. At Resco, we are committed to providing steadfast customer support, and this technology will enable us to deliver that even better. The chatbot advisor in Resco technologies can assist Woodford users, offer product advice to our partners, assist developers in utilizing JS Bridge, and help to address synchronization optimizations. 

resco.Labs AI Chatbot Assistant prompt example
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Heading the AI team at resco.Labs is one of our co-founders, Marcel Saffa. The team’s goal is to craft an assistant that becomes your go-to resource for any questions related to the implementation or utilization of Resco tools and technology. Its use is not limited to technical questions – it can also assist sales teams in which products provide added value to customers.  

Marcel Saffa introducing the work on the AI chatbot at Resco Breakfast 

The tool is currently going through internal testing. ChatGPT has been directly integrated into the Inspections+ and Steps+ to make it easier to generate reports and guides respectively.  

What data sets does Resco’s AI Chatbot Assistant use? 

To date, our AI Advisor uses the Resco Academy, Resco Wiki, Resco Learning, our YouTube channel and JS Bridge API as its data sources for providing the answers. We will continuously add more data, giving it as broad product knowledge as possible.   

Most partners perform separate searches to find specific technical information. The AI Assistant will combine information in one response. It will also offer links to relevant blogs, YouTube videos, Wiki articles, or Resco Academy tutorials.  

We hope this will make searching for answers more comfortable. Let us show you three quick examples of answers that you will be able to get from AI Chatbot Assistant.

Question + answer examples from early version Resco AI chatbot

Talking to the AI chatbot works the same way as a conversation with a human. You start by asking your question in any way you can think of it and then it gives you an answer. If you need further information, you ask further questions.  

Assisting app project creation and working in Woodford

Woodford is the customization tool for setting up mobile applications built on Resco’s platform. Resco’s AI Assistant will be a great companion during the procedure, available to answer all questions that might pop up along the way.  

resco.Labs AI Chatbot Assistant data sources
The AI Assistant always displays sources used for the answer.

You can start by asking a simple question and then refine it further by asking additional questions, just like in ChatGPT. Note the links at the bottom of the answer. They show you where the information is sourced from. You can follow them to Resco Academy tutorials or blog articles to read more about the functionality. 

Assisting developers with jsBridge

Let’s take a closer look at how the AI Chatbot Assistant works and discover its exceptional user assistance capabilities. In the example below you can see the use case mentioned above, chatbot advising developers with its jsBridge knowledge. 

resco.Labs AI chatbot Assistant jsBridge prompt example
AI Assistant advising developers with jsBridge knowledge.

As you can see, the AI Chatbot Assistant features a straight-forward interface with a simple window and command line at the bottom. Users only need to type a prompt and press enter, and if necessary, our chatbot can even read its response aloud to the user.