5 takeaways from Resco CEO’s keynote at resco.next 2019


After Vienna, Boston, Munich, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, and Prague, Resco has brought its annual resco.next conference to Rome on October 24-25. With attendees from 75 companies and 23 countries in the audience, Resco CEO Miro Pomsar, and his guests took the stage to share what’s next for the company after 20 years on the market.

Dissecting the Resco DNA

What’s at the heart of Resco? Mobile apps? Enterprise mobility?
With 20 years of experience under our belt, we can honestly say neither of those is the complete answer. In fact, it’s something way more elementary, at least at first sight: Innovation.
Resco started with mobile development because the market at the end of the 20th century offered unexplored opportunities when creating software for Pocket PCs and PDAs. We moved to enterprise mobility after hardware has matured enough to offer intriguing challenges for business use cases. And we’re still helping organizations with our products today, because the relentless tech evolution keeps bringing exciting scenarios that need to be tackled in and out of the office.
This desire to innovate and improve has driven Resco forward for the past two decades. With the uncharted territory that wearables, augmented reality, or artificial intelligence offer to organizations of all shapes and sizes, we don’t see our excitement for innovation waning any time soon.

Innovating through technology

Wearables. Augmented reality. Artificial intelligence. These three innovations are making their way to businesses, and Resco will be expand on them. Why?
Over the last year, smartwatches outsold regular watches. Google has bought Fossil, one of the largest traditional watchmakers. Apple is already working on the sixth generation of its market-leading Apple Watch. And all major manufacturers are starting to incorporate virtual SIMs, cutting the smartwatch’s umbilical cord to the phone.
Resco is ready to answer the challenge – starting by bringing Resco Inspections to smartwatches today, expanding the rest of our portfolio to wearables in the soon, and exploring standalone watch apps over the coming months.
The same goes for augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Zuzana Curajova, Resco Inspections Product Manager, explained that bringing voice-controlled tools to the users’ field of vision and freeing up their hands isn’t stuff from science fiction anymore. It’s a powerful feature you can already utilize with Inspections on HoloLens. On phones and tablets, Tagged image now enables you to snap a picture and add interactive tags with question fields anywhere on the photo, providing more detail and context.
On the other hand, AI image recognition eliminates manual search across all Resco-based apps. More AI-enabled functionality is also on the way, to make business activities even faster, more detailed, and accurate.

Becoming a puzzle master

What can you build using Resco tech and products? Almost anything. However therein lies a challenge best described by Andrew Lorraine, Resco’s Partner Strategy & Field Service Manager, when reminiscing about his younger years.
“The admission test to join the elementary that I went to was really interesting. At 5 years old, we were given a puzzle to put together. The only instructions were that the puzzle should resemble a farm and that we had 5 minutes to do it, “Andrew described.
“However, we could never test our customers by asking them to put together a Resco puzzle. That’s because every single Resco customer would fail. Not because they weren’t creative, or intelligent, or capable. They’d fail because one Resco customer might see a farm, while the next one would see a dinosaur, another would see a pirate ship, the next would see outer space – there simply isn’t only one correct way.”
Indeed, for every customer or partner, Resco represents a puzzle with hundreds or thousands of pieces that, when put together, can resemble nearly anything.
“But all partners & customers – our Resco puzzle builders – do have something in common: like Resco, they are innovators,” Andrew continued. “They want to take their work, their tools, and their mission directly out into the field. To fix things. To deliver better service. To connect with their customers better. To sell better. To help people. And to master technology and harness innovation in a tangible way, customers from all kinds of industries turn to Resco.”

Supporting partner growth

Building their Resco puzzle ultimately helps customers & partners to grow their business. And when talking about partner growth, nothing beats an actual example.
Take Avento, as introduced by Resco’s Partner Channel Manager, Anna Kontsekova. The company specializes in sales processes in FMCG. They implement Microsoft Dynamics & Salesforce, and all their mobility is built on top of Resco. But not only did they create a custom solution – they are continuously improving it and enhancing it with new capabilities, such as AI and others.
This enabled Avento to become renowned experts in their industry, acquiring customers like Heineken, Coca Cola, or Henkel. Today, they help over 500 FMCG brands, across more than 40 countries.
Avento is based in Belgium, and they have been partnering with Resco for more than 7 years. Currently, they have over 40 customers who are running their mobile solution built on Resco. Furthermore, three years ago, when Resco expanded into the Salesforce ecosystem, Avento took the offered opportunity. Up until now, they’ve implemented their mobile solution to 300+ Salesforce users with many more in the pipeline. And these days, they are also expanding their operations, opening a new office in France.
That’s how innovation & mobility drives our partners’ growth. And to help more partners achieve success, we’re launching resco.academy – an educational platform making enterprise mobility know-how easily accessible to partners worldwide. Stay tuned as more details on resco.academy will follow very soon

The bottom line: Expanding into the world

Resco, as a company, has hit several milestones throughout 2019.
Our headcount has grown from 70 to 100 people, and we’ll be moving into new spacious offices at the end of Q1 2020.
On a global scale, 50 different employees traveled to 50+ events. Translated to miles, we went around the planet more than 6 times in the past 12 months. And all this travel resulted in approximately 5,000 conversations with you – our partners, customers, and prospects.
Ultimately, we’re now serving over 2,800 corporate customers worldwide with 250,000 licensed users.
If you couldn’t make it to resco.next this time, make sure to keep an eye on our blog and website as more news from the event will follow shortly.
And to those who joined us in Rome – thank you for attending, you’re making the entire conference an extraordinary experience once again.