Multiexperience Development Platform

Build custom applications for any business scenario. Take advantage of no code development, multiple platforms support, and unified cross-device user experience.

Develop for any platform

With Resco MxDP you can build an app for different devices, utilize their specific set of features, and achieve consistent cross-platform user experience.



Bring your solution to Apple Watch or Wear OS platform to benefit from the flexibility of wrist devices.
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Enter the augmented reality and enable advanced interactivity in the work field with an app supported on Microsoft HoloLens or other smartglasses.


Mobile Devices

Improve the mobility and efficiency of the work processes by offering a custom solution on smartphones and tablets.



Build an app that is easily accessible from all major web browsers and possible to run on laptops or desktops.

Use Advanced Technologies

Implement cutting-edge technologies to your solution for increasing productivity, safety, and performance.

See how AR video calls can save your day in the field

Cover the whole lifecycle of an app development

Resco Multiexperience Development Platform helps you with every step of Creation, Collaboration, Release, and Monitoring process to form your unique solution.

1. Create

2. Collaborate

3. Release

4. Monitor

Quickly build and prototype your app with Woodford

Less code, more control

Replace tedious programming with a low-code/no-code development platform. If the need for custom code arises anyway, our comprehensive JavaScript API is there to help.

First-class security

Use out of the box security tools for protecting your passwords and data or integrate with 3rd party services such as Single Sign-On with AzureAD.

Everything to help your teamwork on a single project

One team, one tool

Let your team work seamlessly on the same project without interfering or damaging each other’s work.

Access defined by user roles

Grant access to the tools based on user roles – to build an app, design mobile reports, see status of devices, etc.

Deliver the app to your users

Branding portal

Add your own logo and manage the Appstore entry to maintain the presence of your company.

Upgrade wizard

Visually compare projects and oversee merging of new features.

See how your app performs

Visualize your data

The Sync dashboard will show how often your users synchronize, how long it takes, and how much data is being transferred.

Zoom in on any problem

If you are investigating a specific issue, feel free to drill down into the core and check out a particular user or a device.

Vertical Solutions for any industry

Just how versatile is the Platform? Visit our partner marketplace and discover Resco’s line-of-business solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, retail, IT, and more.

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Resco MxDP


The solution can be natively integrated with

API for integration with 3rd party systems is also available.