New to Resco Cloud? Get an overview with our new course

Introduction to Resco Cloud course

With new integration options and numerous updates, Resco Cloud is on the rise. Whether you’re a user, sales consultant, CRM administrator, or a customer who needs onboarding, getting a basic understanding of how Resco Cloud works is the first step towards your success.

Our new course, Introduction to Resco Cloud, is designed to give you a proper guided tour of the solution.

What will you learn?

Thanks to this course, you will get an understanding of:

  • Resco Cloud as a component of our platform, the differences in landing pages, what we call Manager’s Experience, or what you can expect from the Client Portal
  • Data Model – data design and storage, what terms like entity, field, or record mean, and how they relate to one another
  • Admin Console – what is it for, and how it will help you take the first steps to successfully manage a CRM/XRM
  • Security Model – what security roles are and how they help you define user privileges and access levels

What are the benefits for…?

  • Sales Consultants

Having a basic technical overview of how Resco Cloud works as a CRM/XRM will help you better grasp the technical background that your leads might be curious about. Knowledge about Client Portal, external users, or anonymous external users’ options might also be a great selling point for your leads. In addition to that, you will also learn about different user interfaces and tools, which will help you with the demo presentation to your leads.

  • Administrators

It doesn’t matter if you have any technical background. With this course, you’ll get on the right track towards system administration. You will find out what Admin Console is, get a better understanding of managing users, importing data, as well as creating entities, fields, and more. Introduction to Resco Cloud will give you a solid foundation before delving into system maintenance and app performance improvements with our Woodford Basics or Synchronization and Sync Dashboard courses.

  • Functional Consultants, Solution Architects, Developer

For users with a strong technical background, this course will be a walk-through of Resco Cloud data and security models. Your next steps will lead to other technical courses.

  • Knowledge Managers

If you are in charge of customer training, parts of this course might help you design a tailored Learning Path (see Admin role above). Chapters dedicated to Data and Security model might prove especially useful for speeding up onboarding and saving you money and effort.

As we mentioned above, Introduction to Resco Cloud serves mainly as the first step. To get a complete understanding of our products, we are happy to recommend other Resco Academy courses based on your tasks, knowledge, and skills.

Curious to learn more? After registration, you will have free access to all courses in Resco Academy. Any questions regarding the content of our online learning and training platform or suggestions for improvement? Contact us at academy@resco.net.