City Smart Services

Making life smarter

Connecting people with local authorities has never been faster.

City Smart Services solution provides cloud-based CRM environment and offline cross-platform apps designed specifically for municipalities, councils and governments, together with mobile apps created for residents and contractors/service technicians.



Residents use the CitySmart Services app to submit reports to the municipality. Issues in public areas affecting residents can be brought up to the authorities’ attention effortlessly with just a few taps. They can also use the app to track the progress made on reported case and get notified when their report has been marked as resolved by the city representatives.


The responsible city officials will receive the report immediately in the Resco Cloud backend.Or in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM or Salesforce – if they’re already running either of those systems. The official will then use it to assign the case to an available contractor/technician to handle the issue on-site. And when a repair is completed they’ll receive a notification from the techs and can immediately change the status of the case to “resolved” and automatically notify the citizens.


Once a case has been assigned by the city official, the technician will receive a notification about it in a dedicated app that is also part of the CitySmart Services package. The technician accepts the jobs and afterwards he/she fixes the problem on location. While carrying out the repairs, techs can document the activity – taking photos, videos, or even audio recordings, attaching them to the work order. And when the job is finished, the technician will send back the completed work order directly from the app.

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