What’s new in Resco’s Summer Update 2019: Overview of features & capabilities


The complete overview of new features and capabilities from the 2019 Summer Update of Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform:


Branded mobile apps
Branding is important because it not only leaves a memorable impression and lets people know what to expect from your company. Crucially, it helps customers and partners to identify your business and distinguish it from the competition. The new Mobile Apps section in Woodford is designed for all who wish to create custom-branded applications for leading app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play). This includes easily replacing the app’s name, icons and splash screen. Find out more here.
Multiple GitHub branches support
Users can change their branch in the connection configuration, and then commit to and checkout from that branch. It is possible to select from the branches already set up in GitHub. So, in case users want to use a new branch, it has to be set up in GitHub first.
Extended GitHub checkout file size
A change to Resco’s API, enabled to extend the limit for checkout of one file to 100MB (compared to 1MB previously).
SelectEntity rule
It is now possible to ask the mobile user to select a record from a rule. To simplify the selection, admins can specify which view to use and even define a filter for the view.

Resco mobile app

Automatic Grid
To make even better use of available screen space, multiple fields can be displayed in a single row to create a grid pattern. in Woodford, system admins can define the field dimensions and how many columns can be displayed next to each other. The app’s user interface will then automatically rearrange, depending on how much space is available on the user’s screen. Furthermore, some fields – for example long text fields – can be configured to span multiple columns.
Expand/collapse views
For even faster navigation, any section on a form can be collapsed by default. For example, if the user doesn’t need the Quotes or Notes section on the Account form that often, only those sections’ headers will be displayed. The user can then expand them when he/she needs to view the information. The app remembers the user’s choice, so if a section has been expanded it will appear that way the next time the form is displayed.
Force customization download
When an organization has a large number of mobile users, it might be difficult to make sure that everyone has the latest version of the mobile project. To ensure everyone uses the up-to-date version, system admins can now set up the application to automatically download the new customization (if available) on app start or resume. The synchronization will switch to the background mode, minimizing the time users cannot work with the app
Key navigation
Speeding up the app login, the login dialog now handles the Enter key as login command. Checkboxes can be toggled using the Space key. Ultimately, users can fill out their credentials and start the synchronization without reaching for the mouse.
Ask to save the generated report
After creating a mobile report, the application will ask whether the report should be saved.
Voice control for Android
On Android devices the Resco application can be operated using voice commands in English. Simply say “Hey, Resco!” to start the conversation

Resco Cloud server

Redesigned Resco Cloud admin console
Resco Cloud’s admin console now has a new, updated look and runs in all browsers without requiring any installation.

Salesforce integration

All Files offline
A new configuration option enables to sync all Salesforce files related to an object, not just the ones in user’s library or directly shared with it.
Files instead of attachments
Content, such as signatures, mobile reports and scanned business cards can be stored in Salesforce Files instead of Attachments.


Refresh permissions during synchronization
Permissions are updated each time the application is synchronized after launch.
Detailed Upload information
For better overview, the app now displays precise Upload progress information and detailed record download numbers.
Download the new version of Woodford here.
Get the new version of the Resco mobile client for iOS, Android, or Windows.