Resco Inspections Summer Update 2019: Simplifying implementation, new analytics tools and more

Detailed overview of features and capabilities from Resco Inspections’ Summer Update:
Result Viewer
To expand the analytics and evaluation capabilities of Resco Inspections, a brand-new Result Viewer component has been added. It enables users to easily list, filter, view and read the answers from completed questionnaires. On top of that, the results can be effortlessly exported in a CSV format for further analysis in third-party tools and systems.
Furthermore, the Results Viewer can be added directly to enterprise systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. So, if there are any completed questionnaires related to a record, it will be displayed on the record’s form, utilizing the Results Viewer layout.
Inspections Configurator in Woodford
In order to make the first experience of using Inspections as simple as possible, a special wizard has been introduced on Woodford’s Inspections tab. It helps system admins with implementing Inspections in any type of mobile project – even into mobile sales or field service projects.
The wizard guides admins through the entire setup process. It will create the Questionnaires item on the Home screen of the mobile app and enables to add questionnaires to any entity form. Admins can also choose whether they will utilize pre-defined demo questionnaires or create their own in the Inspections Designer.
Inspector project
The biggest change in the default Inspector project is a redesign of the questionnaire lists on a form.
The creation of new questionnaires now utilizes the ‘+’ button, which opens the lookup of all available templates, while the list shows all questionnaires that have been answered, and their status – in progress, completed, or cancelled.
Generic questionnaire template
A new generic questionnaire template has been added. It contains all question types, so users can immediately test and see the behavior of each question type, without having to set up the questionnaire themselves.
Add Inspections List
Enables to add a pre-configured unrelated entity list of questionnaires directly from any form. This feature allows you to access your questionnaires – answered or open ones – related to any entity record. When opening a new template, it is necessary to hit the ‘+’ button which opens a list of all available templates. All questionnaires previously answered are displayed directly in the list, distinguished by their status.
Easier demo data import
If you didn’t use the demo questionnaire templates, or deleted them by accident, now you can just hit the Demo data button in the Designer and import them again. As part of Inspections experience, we have also created a generic Automatic Report for you to try and run after a questionnaire is completed. In case you cannot see this report in the Mobile Reports section, you can import it from the Inspections configurator in Woodford.
New question type – Regarding Lookup
This new question type enables mobile users to manually relate a questionnaire to any available entity record.
New icons in Designer
Action buttons in the Designer have a new, refreshed look.
To customize your mobile project download the new version of Woodford here.
Get the new version of the Resco Inspections app for iOS, Android, or Windows.
Learn more about Resco Inspections’ Summer Update 2019 here.

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