Resco Summer ‘19 Release – 8 Essential features for Salesforce users

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is here, time of summer releases is upon us. Salesforce has theirs and so does Resco.
We culled 8 gems of Resco’s summer release ’19 that we believe will make every Salesforce admin and mobile user happy.  
Inspections UI in Resco Managed package 
We always strive to make Resco and Salesforce admin tasks to be as smoothly connected as possible. So great news for those who rely on Resco Inspections to boost productivity of field teams. Just install the latest version of Resco Managed Package and you can create and manage your questionnaires directly from Salesforce using Questionnaire Designer lightning component*. You can create new questionnaires from scratch or accelerate development by starting from samples available via Demo Data option right in the Designer. Furthermore, you can now freely browse answers to questionnaires directly from the Salesforce UI using the Results Viewer lightning component too.  
please note that you need to enable and deploy My Domain to your organization to use Lightning Components.
Integrate Inspections easily to any mobile project
You can add Inspections functionality to your existing mobile project with Salesforce data – be it Sales, Field Service or your custom solution. Within the Woodford configuration tool’s ‘Inspections’ tab will now automatically add all required Views, Styles, Images and generic Automatic Report working with any questionnaire. Optionally you can let Woodford create Home menu items, associated lists on any Form.
Full support for Salesforce Files in Resco
Before the Resco app’s summer update ’19 was released, Resco would let you take offline only Files owned or directly shared with a user. As of now, you can configure for which objects Resco will take all files offline – simply by ticking checkbox Synchronize all linked Salesforce Files in object settings of Woodford.
To make Salesforce Files true first-class citizen in Resco, any content generated in the app can now be saved as a Salesforce File (instead of an Attachment).

  • Mobile Reports, Scanned Business Cards – configured by project level setting Prefer Salesforce Files over Attachments
  • Media Tab (mostly used as inline Signature) – configured separately for each Media Tab.

Schedule your appointments or any other objects
New bright and shiny Scheduler component lets users plan and organize team appointments or any other objects via Gantt view.  This way, field workers get the best overview of all the tasks, when do they start and finish, how long do they take, who is working on what, and more.
Faster loading & publishing times in Woodford
Surprising fact: We are not big fans of waiting! Thankfully, with this release we managed to radically improve Woodford loading and publishing times – especially for large orgs.
Android: VoiceControl 
Android users can now manage the Resco app using the Voice feature. Just start by saying “Hey Resco” and engage in a conversation.
Automatic Grid 
Striving for pixel-perfect screens, while keeping then responsive for various devices and screen sizes? Coming to your rescue, Resco Form elements can now also be arranged in a grid pattern. The layout can be automatic, you can add columns based on the available space, or it can be enforced by Admin.
Full initial sync
No mote waiting until all of the objects are downloaded when you synchronize the application for the first time. Right after the customization is downloaded, you can start using the app, while the entire data synchronization is pushed to the background, making all the data gradually become available.
Feel like there is something missing? Give a read to our previous release notes & and the best feature picks for Salesforce users.
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For more info on how Resco works with Salesforce, head to our FAQ section or contact us at

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