Drive User Engagement with revamped UI coming to Resco Winter Update

User Interface. User Experience. User Adoption. User Engagement. Too many buzzwords?  
Yes indeed, but Apple built its business model on them, and has now quarterly revenue of $64 billion*. The term “User Experience” owes its origin to Donald Arthur ‘Don’ Norman** that put meaning to it while working at Apple in 1993. Architecture and functionality are alpha and omega of any product, including mobile software. However, it is the design and overall look ‘n feel that drives user engagement.   
A modern & minimalist User Interface often translates to a better User Adoption and overall User Experience.  
Resco Winter Update ’19 brings enhancements to the User Experience with Resco apps and Woodford.  

Default project got a makeover


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Saying what your business app can do and how nice it could look like, if you create custom objects, configure the theme, use different fonts or choose cooler icons – is one thing. Having it at your disposal from day one gives you a true competitive advantage. 
Why waste extra time on initial customizations when there is a ready-made, out-of-the-box solution you can use straight away? The new elegant & aesthetic look of default projects gives your vanilla application a modern edge. This means = hours of work saved thanks to attractive colors, icons and view templates.   

More attractive & User-friendly graphs 

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Effective visualization helps users not just view & know the data but better understand them. Graphs enable having a clear vision of patterns or relationships between one or more variables.  
Now, when you open the app to get a 360` overview of any insights, your Dashboard and even the rest of your project will be enriched with graphs that are rich in information, and yet easy on the eyes.  

Woodford: Interactive theme editor with previews  

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Your Resco-based solution can be adjusted to colors of your preference. The color theme editor in the Woodford configurator now encompasses previews that are essential for a WYSIWYG experience.  
Woodford allows you to set the colors and see the preview of changes in real-time. Since the final app design with a specific color scheme may deliver excellently on phone, and look differently on tablet – you can switch between phone and tablet preview before publishing any changes.  
This is just a fraction of productivity enhancements Resco Winter Update ’19 brought. To see the complete guide & feature list, see this document.  
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