Utilize Inspections in new scenarios with these innovations coming in Resco Winter Update

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Resco Winter Update 2019 is here and brings a number of new possibilities for the users. The main highlights include improved user interface of our apps and added functionality to the Inspections. And we have something more for you to see. In this blog, we are going to introduce three noteworthy innovations that are also coming with Resco Winter Update. They help you to benefit from our solutions in new scenarios and harness AI functionality directly within the questionnaires. Let’s see them in more detail: 

Keep your hands free with Inspections on Apple Watch

Technician working in heights, car mechanic fixing an issue, or manufacturer that is wearing gloves. These employees can’t interact with smartphones, tablets, or laptops all the time to fill in questionnaires during the inspection. It’s slowing them down and limiting their possibilities. But there is a way to optimize the whole process. A combination of voice control and smartwatch utilization can provide workers with the necessary flexibility. And that’s exactly where the first innovation of Resco Winter Update comes handy. 
We bring Resco Inspections to Apple Watch so that you can streamline and optimize your inspection process in a new way. Voice-controlled data input and no actual need to hold an additional device can help you in various scenarios. It allows any worker to fill in questionnaires but also to keep hands free for the task at the same time. So, technician, car mechanic, manufacturer, or anybody who can’t directly interact with an additional device by touch, can optimize and speed up the inspection process with Resco Inspections on Apple Watch. 
Resco Inspections on Apple Watch
And there is also an option to utilize new functionality in more specific scenarios. If you need a more discreet approach during the inspection process, touch & keyboard input on smartwatches provide a way how to achieve it. Resco Inspections on Apple Watch is, therefore, possible to efficiently utilize also in situations like mystery shopping or sales meetings. 

Implement augmented reality tools to your work field for new possibilities

Inspection processes in specific industries can be very demanding in terms of accuracy and precision. Imagine a situation in an aircraft industry where workers need to get through the maintenance of an airplane. It’s necessary to be very thorough and consistent in the inspection process to achieve the required standards. The sheer size and complexity of the inspected object make it challenging for the team to cooperate and proceed through the tasks synchronously.  
One of the tools that can optimize this process is augmented reality and smart glasses integration. It merges digital features into the physical world, providing new possibilities for the workers. To harness the benefits of this idea, you can now use a powerful Resco Tagged Image feature on Microsoft HoloLens. It allows you to interact with the work field effectively, quickly localize issues, and get additional data about an inspected object in one place. 
Resco Inspections on HoloLens
With Inspections and HoloLens integration, workers can precisely place interactive tags to the viewed scene and attach more details and context to the tagged item. Resco solution ensures consistency of the data across the whole team and empowers everyone with up-to-date information. Smart glasses also allow technician to maintain focus and agility by smooth and non-invading integration of digital elements into their workflow. 
With this functionality, the Tagged Image feature on HoloLens can improve inspection processes in various industries. Beside aircraft maintenance, workers in retail, housing, automotive, or manufacturing can significantly benefit from its capabilities. 
Watch how you can utilize Tagged Image feature on HoloLens during car inspection:

Inspectors with an AI power in their hands

Do you often search for spare parts, retail goods, or office equipment in the endless list of products? If the database is extensive enough, it can be a very time consuming and tricky to find what you look for. In Resco Winter Update, we resolve this challenge with deeper integration of Azure Custom Vision into Inspections, which further improves possibilities available in Questionnaire Designer. 
Now, from system admins to field workers, anyone who design questionnaires can integrate new AI Image Recognition feature directly as an individual question. You can just snap a picture of the object and AI will quickly find its reference within the connected database.
AI Image Recognition feature in Questionnaire Builder
Administrators can also set up the result & probability of AI Image Recognition. They are now able to incorporate them into the questions and add business logic on top of it. Admins can choose if they save the result as text or lookup and adjust its usage accordingly. They can set a probability limit to ensure inspectors work with just highly accurate results.
By enabling easier and faster search and filling into questionnaires, AI Image Recognition is beneficial in almost every industry where inspections are needed. Utilization in retail or manufacturing can be especially efficient, streamlining and optimizing your workflow. 

Harness the best from innovations in Resco Winter Update

Apple Watch, HoloLens, AI Image Recognition. Three innovations that come with Resco Winter Update and significantly improve possibilities you can utilize during the inspection process. Now, it’s not a problem if you have to keep your hands free for the task during inspections, or you don’t have time to get through the endless list of products. Start to use the introduced features to enter new fields and bring innovative technology to your workflow. If you haven’t tried Resco Inspections yet, start your free 30-day trial today 
And that’s not all. You can find the complete overview of features from Resco’s Winter Update 2019 here.

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