Enterprise mobility for the offshore wind industry


Recently, Jakub Bajla, Zuzana Curajova and myself, attended one of the world’s largest conferences for the offshore wind industry – WindEurope Offshore. The conference took place in Copenhagen and was attended by over 8000+ participants, 430+ exhibitors, and 260+ speakers.

One of the speakers was HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who delivered the opening address – this goes to show how prestigious the conference was, and how important green energy is for the Danes. 

By the way, Copenhagen is trying to become the first carbon-neutral city by 2025, and the country has an ambitious goal to run solely on renewable energy in all sectors, including transport, by 2050. 


Needless to say, we left the conference greatly encouraged and excited. 

The future looks greener and more sustainable – especially for Europe. Here are some exciting industry facts: 

  • The old continent is a leader in offshore wind technology and is planning to quadruple production by 2030  
  • The market has grown by almost 30% per year since 2010 
  • Set to become a $1 trillion industry over the next two decades 
  • Offshore wind is set to become the largest source of electricity in the European Union by 2040 
  • The largest wind farm currently generates clean electricity for nearly 600,000 homes 
  • The technology is improving rapidly – modern wind turbines are 180x more effective than 20 years ago 

There is a great need for mobility in this area and especially offline – you don’t get a lot of internet coverage out in the sea.  

Whether you’re a company that manufactures, transports, installs or services the equipment for wind turbines, whether they are on- or offshore, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better technology provider than Resco. 

If you are a system integrator that specializes in the energy sector, we should connect. 

Let’s work together to help the industry thrive and make the planet greener and more sustainable. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn or filip.fejdi@resco.net.