Connecting with customers through in-person & hybrid events: Here is how our partner TSO-Data does it

TSO-Data customer day event

Local events and webinars are a great way to strengthen business relationships, keep your customers informed about technical and business trends, and demonstrate thought leadership and expertise.

Our German partner TSO-DATA understands this, and that’s why in March, they organized their annual TSO-DATA Customer Day in their office in Osnabrück. And to provide the best value to everyone interested, they combined an in-person and online experience at once.

Quality agenda makes the party

Valuable content is a vital part of a successful event.

In a variety of technical and business presentations over 6+ hours, TSO-DATA experts gave the customers and guests an exciting review and outlook of the company, its solutions and projects.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the star of the show, with a focus on the ERP solution Business Central and CRM.

But Resco had a dedicated session as well.

TSO-DATA Consultant Steffen Hackmann presented the capabilities of resco.Inspections.

The session was geared towards ERP and CRM decision-makers. And Steffen showcased the usage of questionnaires in a field service scenario with extended business logic and mobile offline usage.

TSO-Data customer day event presentation
All the attendees could learn & hear valuable insights about MS Dynamics, Resco, and TSO-DATA solutions (TSO-DATA)

There was also a dedicated presentation of KatarGo – TSO-DATA’s solution specialized in mail order, e-commerce and wholesale business processes.

This presentation was delivered by Christian Muris and he focused on how an on-premises installation of this solution can be easily migrated to the cloud.

Speakers in other sessions spotlighted security awareness, unified commerce, connecting ERP solutions with a Microsoft BI, and advantages of a virtual desktop environment in the form of Azure Virtual Desktop.

The event was closed off by a presentation of a reference project and a discussion round led by TSO-DATA Sales Manager Thomas Hagedorn.

Connect with clients through events

TSO-Data shows how you can provide the customers with an opportunity to discuss current topics, innovations, roadmap, and more with your experts.

And while in-person events are getting back, the virtual ones still have their advantages.

Our event was received very positively. Especially the hybrid form allows us to demonstrate the news of our products and services to significantly more participants. This also means that participants could quickly join individual topics, such as Resco, which we will also feature on the agenda next year.
Hendrik Vogelpohl, TSO-Data

TSO-DATA customer day
The combination of in-person and digital experience received positive feedback from attendees (TSO-DATA)

We encourage all partners to organize events like the one you just read about.

It’s a great way to keep your customers informed and inspired.

And in any case, Resco can help you with preparing the content and promotion.

Reach out to your account manager or email us at partners@resco.net to start the conversation.