Spring update of Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM is released. What’s new?


Spring (update) is here! These are some of the new additions that are now available to you.
Let’s take a moment to go through them.

Business process flows

What is it? Business process flows are one of the major additions in Dynamics CRM 2013. It is sort of a guideline that navigates users from point A to point B (for example from new opportunity to closing a sale). Now they are available in Resco’s mobile client as well.
What is it good for?  You can work the same way as you would on desktop, using your process flows from Dynamics CRM 2013. No shortcomings for mobile users!

Multiple calendars, dashboards and maps

What is it? You can have more than one calendar, dashboard or map in the app.
What is it good for?  If you have too many things in one place, it can get cluttered. Now you can separate them to restore the order. For example a manager can display own appointments in one calendar and team appointments and tasks in another one. See, tidy!

Media tab

What is it? This special kind of tab basically gives you a direct path to selected media.
What is it good for?  It optimizes work! Sounds boring? It isn’t! For instance, if you take a picture during every on-site visit, you can add ‘capture picture’ tab to your appointments. This way you don’t need to click through notes to take a photo, which eventually cuts down wasteful clicks.

Pinning of favorite records

What is it? You can pin records to the ‘Favorites’ section of the app.
What is it good for?  If you find yourself frequently opening a particular record, this will give you an easier access to it. OK, this may not be a lifesaving feature is, but it’s definitely convenient!

Mobile links

What is it? The new button ‘e-mail a link’ creates 2 links to a record: one for browser and one for mobile access.
What is it good for? You know how you can in Dynamics CRM e-mail a link to a CRM record? (I figured it out way too late I am ashamed to admit. But ever since I did, I love using it!) So now, not only desktop users can enjoy this feature, mobile ones can as well.

Data images on list & form

What is it? Images can be added to lists and forms.
What is it good for?  You can add pictures to a list of products, so you can browse and navigate through it faster. Or you can add a photo to your contact (put a face to the name) that will trigger your memory.

Calendar sharing

What is it? You can show CRM events in the personal calendar on your device or show personal events in app’s calendar.
What is it good for?  Display everything in one calendar to make sure no business meeting interferes with your personal schedule and vice versa.

Calendar customizations

What is it? A new series of customization options for calendar. Select days and hours to be displayed in the calendar, define the colors for specific activities, etc.
What is it good for?  Do you work at 4 am? No? Then why even have this time on the calendar? Set up some reasonable timeframe, for example from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. And while you’re at it, you can get rid of Saturdays and Sundays, turn off monthly view if you don’t use it, allow seasonal workers to only see the calendar for specified months, define the colors for specific activities (appointments red, task blue – that kind of thing). How cool is that?
That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed these selected features. Click here for a complete list of the new spring ’14 features.
And don’t forget to try them out!