Resco’s unfair advantage over Microsoft: The ultimate reason that makes me believe people are better off with us


Deciding who to purchase mobile client for Dynamics CRM from? Certainly going directly with Microsoft instead of an independent vendor is better, right?

Story #1

A few years ago I purchased a new smartphone powered by brand new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS. I preferred Windows-based device over iOS or Android because I believed it would perfectly integrate with our corporate MS Exchange server. And it did. Almost.
I tried to configure my exchange account on my new phone, but came across one issue – the smartphone didn’t allow me to type space character into the login name.
This simple thing was crucial for me because my login name contained the space character and changing the login name on the server would cause some of my other applications not working properly. So I googled this issue and found several discussions where other people around the world described the same problem. I was SURE that Microsoft will fix such simple bug very soon, so I decided to wait.

After a year or so of waiting, I purchased my first Android device.

Story #2

About a month ago, a customer of ours reported a bug to our support team – they weren’t able to attach images to their Dynamics CRM mobile project because the file names contained special characters.  And they could not change the file names because of their internal processes.
We analyzed the problem and found out that we needed to fix our configuration tool Woodford. We acted immediately. Our developers made the fix and our testing department performed all necessary tests. All of this happened within the same day of receiving the issue report.
Our customer received the bug fix the following day.

Lesson learned

People usually think large global corporations bring more advantages when compared to smaller vendors. But small vendors have one unfair advantage over giants – the flexibility and quick reaction time when it comes to dealing with customers’ issues.
A simple bug can be fixed in a reasonable time. And that’s something large organizations with complex hierarchies and strict internal processes cannot provide.
Sometimes, even a silly little thing (like space character) can collapse the whole system.