Microsoft’s Mobile Client for Dynamics CRM 2013 vs. Resco Mobile CRM : A Side-by-Side Comparison

For an updated version, please see the: New, updated comparison of Microsoft’s mobile app vs. Resco Mobile CRM
We have already posted another comparison of Resco Mobile CRM and Microsoft’s MoCa, where we discussed the main differences between both solutions. This time, we are going to go more into detail and evaluate specific functions.
You know what they say; the devil is in the details.

This is what both solutions look like


Note: The initial plan was to show both smartphone applications on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 instead of S3 mini. Unfortunately, we could not get Microsoft’s client to run.

What’s Microsoft’s advantage?

Microsoft came out with its mobile client for Dynamics CRM 2013 some time ago, and more than a few thought that was it for independent software vendors (such as Resco and CWR) with their mobile solutions.
Granted, Microsoft has a massive partner network that reaches all Dynamics CRM customers (potential mobile clients), a trusted well-known brand name, an attractive app design, cool charts, an easier set up with no required customization steps and an unbeatable price of $0. This combo makes it hard to believe there is still a place for other mobile solutions.
There is!

What does Resco have that Microsoft doesn’t?

Quotes & OrdersI don’t know about you, but orders and quotes are one of the first things I look up in CRM when learning about my customers. And I believe these core entities are crucial for most sales reps. There’s no reason they should not be available in the mobile client as well.
Maps prove to be quite useful while being on the road (and that’s what people with mobile CRM usually are). You can see where your next meeting takes place and let the app navigate you there from your current location.

The calendar might not seem like a groundbreaking feature. In fact, you surely already have one. But having it embedded in your CRM app is more useful than you think. You can not only see your schedule for the day/week/month; create, delete & reschedule appointments, but you can tap on each event to instantly see its details. Without needing to switch constantly between two applications, which is – let’s be honest – quite irritating.

Mobile Application Management that makes your data on mobile device super-safe. The data on the device is encrypted; system admin has the right to ban users to save their password (making it obligatory for users to sign in every time), but what’s more, he can also remotely lock the app or wipe out data from it when needed. Better safe than sorry.
Versatility. You can add new entities and fields to Microsoft’s mobile client, but beyond that, you have very limited customization possibilities. With Resco, you can do much more. For instance, you can use iFrames that will display websites or presentations in online or offline mode, change icons and pictures, set up reminders for activities, add signatures to orders… you name it, you can most likely have it.
Great support. Even though this is not an objectively measurable aspect, most of Resco’s customers praise this more often than anything else. I just had to put it out there.
Offline access – need I say more?
All features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile clients are listed and compared in this table:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile client comparison - Resco versus Microsoft MoCa

We are not saying Microsoft’s mobile clients are not going to improve at some point. But they still have a pretty long way to go.
Do you expect Microsoft to release offline mode for their mobile client for Dynamics CRM? Here are the reasons that make us believe this isn’t happening.
Also, find out if 399$ for Resco Mobile CRM is really worth it.

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