Resco Mobile CRM license assignment: Automatic vs. manual


I’d like to make sure we’re are all on the same page, so let’s quickly run over the basics:

In order to use a customized (professional version) of Resco Mobile CRM, you need to have a mobile license (a license for the professional version of Resco Mobile CRM).

A mobile license is not to be confused with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM license.

2 different things.

A user can log into Dynamics CRM via the mobile app using his/her existing credentials, however without a mobile license, he/she will only see the out-of-the-box version of the app, not the customized version of it.

How can you obtain mobile licenses?

Mobile licenses magically appear in Woodford.

Sort of.

Licenses can be seen in Woodford after purchasing them from Resco. Once you supply us with the Unique ID of your CRM organization, we assign them to your organization, so you can assign them to your users.

And this can work two ways. Automatically or manually.

How does a user get a mobile license?

Automatically: When you keep the option ‘Auto assign licenses’ checked, each user that logs into the CRM using a mobile device, will be granted a license.

If you disable this option, you will have to do it manually. To do so, go to the ‘Mobile Users’ section in Woodford and change the license state from Pending to Enabled. Until that time, the user will be able to use the Woodford customization only for a month (as a trial run).

Manually: You can assign a license to a user even before he/she attempts to log in.

Using the Add button in Woodford’s ‘Mobile Users’ section, you can assign a mobile license to any Dynamics CRM user from your organization.

You can also manually disable a user. Or you can delete one.

How will you know who has a license and who is waiting for one?

It’s all there in Woodford. All users with licenses that are: enabled, disabled, pending or deleted.

You can turn on license assignment notifications (Woodford –> Settings) to receive a notification whenever a user receives a license (provided you’ve enabled the automatic license assignment).

Note: If you opted for manual license assignment, you can still receive a license assignment notification. This is a special case, in which these conditions have to be met:

  • you have available (unused) licenses on your organization
  • a new user connects to Dynamics CRM via Resco Mobile CRM
  • he/she has not been previously disabled/deleted

What happens in this case is that a license will be granted to this user for the period of 14 days, during which you can go into Woodford and approve/reject the user.

The ‘Auto-free up unused licenses‘ feature will come in handy, if you take care of a large group of users (when it’s difficult to keep track of all employees leaving the organization or changing their job role). This option will free up licenses that have not been used for 90 days in a row – basically, you can make sure that no non-active user has a Resco Mobile CRM license you paid for.

That’s it for license assignment.

If you’d like to purchase new or additional mobile licenses, you can do so here or via your account manager (or contact mobilecrm@resco.net if you don’t have one yet).