How to project iPad/iPhone screen onto a video projector?

So your goal is to deliver a presentation, in which you want to show off a smartphone or tablet application to an audience.
How can you do this?

Approach #1: Hold the tablet/phone in the air (and wave it like you just don’t care)

Please don’t!
No one will see what’s on the screen (unless they have a perfect eagle eye vision). And the point you’re trying to get across? It will be lost.

Approach #2: Do some screenshots

Make screenshots from the tablet/phone and copy these as pictures into the presentation.
Well, it does a pretty decent job. But it’s not great.
No picture can show how the app really performs (we need to see the transitions and the reaction time) and it does not allow you to make an interactive presentation, in which you would approach questions and comments from the audience by showing them the app.

Approach #3 (the right one): Project the screen

You will be able to show off the functionality of the app like it’s intended to be seen. With movements, transition effects, time delays, interactivity and option to answer questions with show-and-tell approach. You’ve got yourself a winner right here!

Here’s how it’s done:

For iPhones/iPads, we use AirServer to connect the phone/tablet with desktop (and project the desktop).
For Android, there are multiple counterparts to AirServer; such as Droid @ screen  or TeamViewer (Quick Support app) . None of them actually wowed us with the results (the app on the desktop showed delays and the screen froze a bit). That’s why we recommend connecting the Android phone/tablet to the projector via a micro USB-HDMI cable.
For Windows: Surface can be connected directly to the projector via a cable (provided the plugs fit).

This is how it looks:

Resco Mobile CRM app projected onto a desktop
If you ever watched any of our demos or webinars, you might be very well familiar with the look – we use Airserver all the time as we want to show the real thing (Resco Mobile CRM) in action.
Wish you all the luck with your demo.