How on earth do we make Resco Mobile CRM so robust?

Mobile ecosystem is extremely heterogeneous – there are 3 major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) and hundreds of various device models. To make things even more complicated, you’ve got devices divided into phones, tablets and laptops.
In such difficult environment, it is very important for a mobile software developer to have a system where the mobile app is tested in as many scenarios and on as many device models as possible.
Thanks to 16 years of experience in mobile software industry, Resco has improved its quality assurance processes and now we have a reliable system in place.

We do these 3 things

In addition to standard tests our testing department continuously performs on randomly chosen devices, we have also another, fully automated system called Xamarin Test Cloud. This system takes all the source codes submitted by our developers that day. It builds mobile apps for all operating systems and sends them to a cloud-based testing environment. This service then installs the software on predefined real mobile devices and performs tests for three hours. This happens EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.
We have pre-defined hundreds of testing scenarios that probe the User Interface, database, synchronization, workflows and other things. And we continuously add new ones to cover the new features. Occasionally, we change the pre-defined set of mobile devices we perform tests on. Every single morning, we have the results telling us what bugs our developers need to kill.
And finally, the heavy users of Resco Mobile CRM are the source of locating the extreme, well-hidden bugs. With so many users, you are bound to come across glitches that were nowhere to be found before. Luckily, people came to us and help us re-create the issue so that we can fix it. Together, we work towards the greater good.

Does it work?

You bet.
Thanks to this top level quality assurance we have incorporated into our daily regimen here at Resco, we can say that Resco Mobile CRM app is a top quality product on the global CRM market.

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