More control over questionnaires with Resco Inspections’ Winter Update


A successful and time-efficient inspection process depends on many variables. One of the key parts to consider is the creation and subsequent management of questionnaires. Resco’s Winter Update 2019 focuses on saving administrators’ time and gives them even more freedom when working with questionnaires – helping them simply to achieve more in less time.

Here are some of the highlights you can find in the latest Inspections update:

Easier template management with folders

Being able to easily navigate through templates is crucial for teams managing a high number of questionnaires. Organize your templates within a folder and subfolder structure to maintain an overview based on questionnaire types, topics, or versions.

New folder structure in grid view
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Define questionnaire actions that suit your use case

What actions do you want to take after the questionnaire has been filled out? Do you need to clear the questionnaire, delete it, or perform an immediate action with your data and then save it? Or something completely different? Using the new Command Editor, you can set your own actions and extend the previously available options to “Complete”, “Complete with a report” and “Cancel” the questionnaire.

commandeditorNew command added to the questionnaire, shown in
the Questionnaire Designer and the Inspections mobile app
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Better access to group items

Imagine you’d like to toggle certain questions in your questionnaire based on previous answers. This was previously possible, but with limitations. In this update, a new variable type Group was added, enabling rules in one question group access questions in another group, allowing access and modification of their visibility or values. This gives administrators more freedom in designing questionnaires that meet the criteria for well-organized question structure as well as business logic that helps users complete inspections quicker.

Even less need for JavaScript thanks to new math functions

In case you need to perform more complex math operations on top of your data, such as using the square root, you can now take advantage of their native support – saving you time and lines of code to maintain.

Bonus: Inspections on your Apple Watch and enhancing field work using AI

Keeping mobile staff’s hands free while performing inspections increases efficiency and can even ensure their safety. That’s why in the Autumn Update 2019 we introduced Resco Inspections on Android smartwatches. In this update, the support gets extended to watchOS on Apple Watches as well, making it easier for companies to devise a functional smartwatch strategy.
Another notable improvement comes in the form of AI image recognition which can be used to identify a product or recognize damage shown in a picture. Both the result and the probability of the recognition task are available to work with and use directly in the questions.
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