Visual information flow and simplified customization of your apps introduced in Resco’s Summer Update


From the new Process component to even more powerful customization, here you can find a quick overview of improvements coming to Resco’s Multi-Experience Platform as part of our Summer Update 2020.

Navigate through complex processes with ease

Some processes are more complicated than others and people often need quick overview or guidance to complete tasks effectively and on time. Take a salesman, who needs to keep track and update the state of his opportunities – to let his manager know whether deals are moving forward as planned. With tens or even hundreds of opportunities, updating each can take longer than it seems at first sight.

To streamline management of processes with multiple stages, we are introducing the new Process component in Resco Summer update 2020. Available across all Resco products, it helps to speed up process navigation, boost completion rates, and deliver more actionable insights.
It can be quickly set up for any entity in Woodford, to suit your use case. In the mobile app, users then see a new section near the top of the screen, enabling them to effortlessly move between different stages of a process. And as the information flows back directly to their backend system, managers can always see the latest updates on the progress of their team.
Process component available in: Resco MxDP | Inspections | Sales & Field Service | Routes | City Smart Services

Customize the looks of your app in seconds

The Summer Update also delivers additional improvements for system admins configuring the Resco mobile projects. With simplified configuration of icons, using custom images has never been easier. Want to use your own image for Activity or specify an icon for its General tab? Quick and easy!
In Woodford, each entity now has a configurable image (icon). Furthermore, the entity’s icon used on Home will be then used across form tabs this entity is featured on. However, admins can also specify an image (icon) that will be used with the entity on its associated tabs simply by typing in its name. This way they can tailor their app’s look & feel even further – without complicated setup.
Simplified image setup available in: Resco MxDP | Inspections | Sales & Field Service | Routes | City Smart Services
These are just a few highlights from our latest release.You can find the complete overview of all new features from Resco’s Spring Update 2020 here.
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