How to make an app with Resco MxDP platform – City Smart Services example

Three Apple iPhones with Resco City Smart Services app running

In 2018, our team came up with an idea to help municipalities with providing better services and enabling them to further connect with citizens. We aimed to find a way how to deliver people more information about what their municipality does and what its plans are – increasing the transparency, availability, and comfort of public services.
That’s where the idea of the City Smart Services app was born. To turn it into an actual product, we established a dedicated team focused on creating a mobile solution on the Resco MxDP platform. Let’s see how this process evolved and how you can design an app with our development platform.

What is Resco MxDP?

Resco MxDP (Multiexperience Development Platform) enables to build mobile solutions with tailor-made functionality from scratch. Its built-in features allow users to create custom apps for businesses with no need for advanced programming skills.
The platform offers a wide range of components that can be used easily during various development stages. MxDP helps to cover all central areas of app development – creation, team collaboration, release, and monitoring.
Resco MxDP consist of:

  • Resco Cloud – the backend of our system which also hosts data management and customization tools;
  • Application – mobile, desktop, and web-client applications created by Resco. All of them are fully customizable;
  • Woodford – a browser-based customization tool for building and managing app projects;

What did we decide to build for municipalities?

A dedicated Resco team started to work on an app that would help municipalities, councils, and local governments to collect suggestions from citizens about possible improvements, technical issues, or quality of services in the city.
Two-way interaction was required, so that municipalities would be able to inform residents about progress in solving their cases. The basic scenario looked like this:
Resco City Smart Services app development circle
The citizen discovers an issue in the city’s infrastructure during a morning walk. ->
He reports the issue from his smartphone via the Resco app to city officials. ->
Officials evaluate the issue as critical and task a service provider to fix it. ->
City officials can inform citizens about the progress and send them notification about successfully resolved case.

How the team progressed with Resco MxDP:

As the team created the core concept of the City Smart Services app, team members proceeded to set up the solution with MxDP. Utilizing its built-in features,’ they’ve begun to implement key components and business logic. Key functionality included:

  • Onboarding – a brief introduction for new users to learn about the capabilities and usability of the app;
  • Sign-in feature – to verify users, ensuring the authenticity of reported cases;
  • Home screen – the starting point from which users can report an incident, oversee cases that are already being handled, or get official information from city representatives;
  • Report an incident – enables citizens to add a picture, location on the map, details about the problem, etc.;
  • All incidents – overview of all reported cases with real-time updates on their status;
  • Dashboard – stats about solved/unsolved incidents, important messages from municipalities (for example water and power outage alerts, etc.);

All of these components and features were quickly set up thanks to the no-code development environment in Resco MxDP. It took a mere two weeks to Matej, the team’s developer, to implement all the necessary functionality into the first version of the City Smart Services app. After creating a basic user interface, the team could start beta testing with selected towns and cities.
Resco City Smart Services dashboard
With the City Smart Services app, residents can report an incident with a customized form that includes all the necessary information for the city’s officials. The form above is used by Ruzinov – the second most populated urban area of Bratislava.

First beta testing and optimization of the app

The beta testing period enabled the team to gather valuable feedback from city officials—suggestions from real-world users led to improvements in background app logic and user interface. To create a mobile app with MxDP, you need to proceed through just three steps:

Even users with no code experience can build a basic app with tools available in MxDP. For more advanced, Resco solutions also allows to add custom HTML and JavaScript code. And that’s how the team’s designer, Jan, and front-end developer, Samuel, implemented a new design that enhanced the user experience.

They were able to incorporate a modern user interface fully leveraging the HTML iFrames available on Resco MxDP. With iFrames, developers can embed even offline web pages or documents within a Resco app. This way, users can create their own content that will be displayed in their solution. So, iFrames posses a really great opportunity to customize your app with advanced functionality.
Resco MxDP fully supports HTML iFrames thanks to the Resco JSBridge technology. It enables the interaction of custom HTML pages with the application. Naturally, with MxDP, it is also possible to utilize multiple other components to tailor your app’s interface. For example, users can edit images, app icons, or web themes.

The City Smart Services app today

After initial development, the City Smart Services app became an integral part of the Resco product family. Today, it already serves eight municipalities in Resco’s home country, Slovakia, including the most populated urban area of the capital city Bratislava—Petrzalka.
This solution brings several key benefits for cities, citizens, and even service providers:

  • Real-time access to urban data;
  • More insight into services provided by a municipality;
  • Data analytics;
  • Reducing paperwork & environmental impact;
  • Effective workforce management;

Try the Resco MxDP platform and create a fully customized app for your business

Every Resco partner and customer can access the integral part of our MxDP platform— Woodford. So, to start creating your app with Resco MxDP, you can begin with customizing any of the Resco’s products, utilize one of our partner solutions, or you can start from scratch.
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