Delivering better insights for managers with Resco Inspections’ Summer Update 2020


Resco Inspections’ Summer Update focuses on improving managerial experience, delivering insightful data, and helping managers schedule tasks more effectively. Let’s look at the features that make this possible:

Get valuable insights with Question Scoring

Our new Scoring feature delivers valuable insights and real-time data to managers. Let’s suppose that a beverage company providing grocery stores with their drinks need to make sure that their products are placed in the middle of the shelves, at eye level. During the inspection, a score will be assigned to this question, determining the degree to which this criterion is met, if met at all. Once the inspector completes the inspection, managers can instantly see the results, helping them in identifying inconsistencies and recognize exceptional performers.

Scoring allows you to assign a score to each question and answer. For example, you can add a score of 10 to a positive or desired answer and a 0 to a negative or undesired answer. Of course, you can set the scores however you want, it’s completely customizable. The overall score defines the result of the questionnaire (whether it succeeded or failed). Once the questionnaire is completed, you can easily filter the results in the Result Viewer.
Question Scoring available in: Resco Inspections

Improve resource allocation & scheduling strategy with Duration Tracking

When it comes to productivity and time management, data and insight are kings. If you’re a manager, you need to make sure that you delegate work fairly and effectively. Having relevant data at your fingertips about how long each job lasts can make a huge difference in how you schedule and distribute tasks. The new Duration Tracking feature is here to help you make that difference.
The time spent working on a questionnaire can be automatically tracked in the ‘Duration’ field.
Duration Tracking available in: Resco Inspections

Edit options & reuse Smart question logic

You can also edit options in Questionnaire picklists in the Questionnaire Designer and reuse Smart question logic by copying business logic from other Smart questions directly in the modal window.
Edit options & reuse Smart question logic available in: Resco Inspections

Sample templates for Dynamics and Salesforce

The Summer Update also introduces a library of ready-to-go sample templates for different industry verticals (manufacturing, property maintenance, energy) ready to be effortlessly imported to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce.
Sample templates for Dynamics and Salesforce available in: Resco Inspections

Configure automatic views for Lookup questions

The view of a Lookup question can now be customized in the Questionnaire Designer, where you can select fields that you want to make visible. You select the fields by clicking on the eye with a slash icon next to ‘contact’. This offers app users more information when selecting from lookup questions.
Configure automatic views for Lookup questions available in: Resco Inspections

And this is not everything. You can find a complete overview of all features from Resco’s Summer Update 2020 here.
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