Introducing Resco Consumer Apps for Municipalities


What is the most pressing issue we experience when approaching government and public offices? Usually, dealing with them is just too cumbersome. However, as apps allow people to do pretty much anything, anytime and anywhere, both local and national governments are increasingly looking to get in on the act.
Yet, given the obvious benefits for citizens, why is it that governments are not making more use of mobile apps? Why not implement something to the people, with which they can provide additional information to the city officials – something everyone can obtain effortlessly on their smartphones?
Firstly, the benefits can sometimes be hard to quantify in economic terms. But perhaps even more importantly – public institutions are seriously looking into mobility if it allows them not only to gather input from the citizens, but also to manage their staff and entire service process more effectively.
And that is our goal with Resco Consumer Apps for Municipalities. To reduce the time needed for development and deployment, we are introducing these ready-made applications for our partners and customers. With all the designs, schemas, and source codes serving as a starting point, partners can learn from these templates and easily modify them to deliver customized apps for both citizens and the staff resolving the issues.
Citizens can simply report issues from their app; the town-hall officials will immediately see it in their CRM system and they can assign it to the appropriate field technician. The technician will use his mobile app to receive the case. After he has fixed the problem, he will send back a report via the app – documenting his work and letting the officials and the citizens instantly know that the issue has been resolved.
Additionally, this use case can be extended also to other field service scenarios.

An app for the people

You’re heading home through your neighborhood when you run into a nasty pothole, a fallen over tree, electrical wires hanging, notice a dead animal nearby, or an overflowing trash can catches your eye. But instead of having to write a lengthy email to the city council or make a call during which you’d have to describe the matter, you pull out your phone, open the app, take a picture, and send a detailed report with just a couple taps of your finger.
Let’s see how you could report a cracked sidewalk using Resco’s CityWatch app template:
Municipality 01a
1. Open the CityWatch app on your smartphone or tablet.
Municipality 02a
2. Tap on the New Report button in the home menu. Tapping on the Grid icon in the top left corner will bring out the Quick Menu, wherever you are in the app. It allows you to return to the Home screen, see the most recently submitted reports, or browse through your reports.
Municipality 03a
3. Select the proper category for the problem you’re reporting.
Municipality 04a
4. Use the device’s camera to attach a photo.
Municipality 05a
5. With GPS you can localize the problem effortlessly.
Municipality 06a
6. See the overview of your report and hit Send to notify the authorities. Simple, fast & effective.

App for city’s employees

After the officer assigns the report to a service technician (using the city’s CRM system), the technicians will be notified about the new case via an application designed specifically for them. And when the job is finished, they can use it to alert the city representatives about it.
At Resco, we are currently also developing a template of an app for field service technicians, which should become available in the upcoming weeks.

Compatible with all major CRM systems

With the templates built on Resco Mobile CRM’s technology, the applications for municipalities can be easily synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or Resco Cloud. These systems are well-known and already used by numerous public institutions, so no additional investments are required.

Reporting anywhere, anytime, even offline

The application is fully functional regardless the Internet connection. So, even if users discover an unauthorized landfill in the middle of a forest with no cellular coverage, the report can be sent to the authorities automatically when the device re-connects to the Internet.

Ready to go straight “out-of-the-box”

The Resco Consumer Apps for Municipalities templates can be used right away, without any extensive configuration. Interested partners will receive ready-to-deploy mobile projects from Resco, which they can run immediately, or further modify it to fit any specific customer’s needs.

Manage the public service processes from start to finish

Whether municipalities would like to use the apps only to receive reports from their citizens, or to manage the entire incident resolution, the choice is up to them. After all, the solution is working with all the standard CRM systems and includes an app for field technicians, as well. Allowing for easy handling of the process from the moment citizens report a problem, all the way to letting them know right after it has been resolved by the responsible field workers. All by just a few simple clicks.

Curious to find out more?

Ask us at mobilecrm@resco.net or visit https://www.resco.net/solutions/consumer-apps/.
This June we will be also introducing Meet & Eat with Resco – an app created exclusively for the Microsoft Inspire 2017, which you can use to book a meeting with our team in the relaxed atmosphere of the Fado Irish Pub, located nearby the event’s convention center – complete with delicous meals and drinks. Stay tuned to www.resco.net, our newsletter and our social media channels where we will let you know as soon as the app becomes available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.