Get complete access to your CRM data on the go with Resco Mobile CRM


Resco Mobile CRM is a perfect fit for sales reps, service technicians, and other workers, who require constant access to their CRM data. With an easy-to-use configuration tool, it can be modified to meet any organization’s requirements and create a tailor-made user experience. The app integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (without any middleware or third-party servers) and combines the CRM features with the capabilities of mobile devices to create a perfect tool for everyday use on the go.

True offline functionality

One of the crucial aspects that differentiates Resco Mobile CRM from the competition is its full-fledged offline functionality – after all, just because the Internet stops working, doesn’t mean you have to.
When synchronizing with the CRM server, the app creates a strongly encrypted local database on the device. If there is an Internet connection available, the app connects directly to the server to provide CRM data access. However, if the Internet is not available, the app provides a full read/write access to the CRM data stored in the local database during the last synchronization.

Managing the entire sales process

Put into more practical terms: From adding a lead, through creating new quotes, to confirming an order with a digital signature and generating a PDF report – Resco Mobile CRM allows users to work with CRM data every step of their way, regardless the Internet connection.
Curious of what a sales rep’s work day looks like with Mobile CRM added to the mix? Check out how incorporating mobile technologies like phone modules, route planning, camera, and push notifications enables to break free from a desk and go where your clients are, while staying productive even out of the office:

FieldOne – field service made easy thanks to Resco Mobile CRM

However, there are many other possibilities for mobile CRM deployment outside of a sales process, one of the most-popular being, field service. To demonstrate the strength of Resco in field service scenarios, one name is all it takes: FieldOne.
The company’s field service mobile solution is built entirely on Resco Mobile CRM: the bulletproof offline capabilities, maps, GPS navigation, calendar, and the multiplatform configuration tool to name just a few perks provided by Resco. No wonder the mobile solution was widely mentioned as one of the top reasons when Microsoft decided to acquire FieldOne in 2015.  Simply put, Resco Mobile CRM helps service technicians manage their daily activities and effectively handle both planned and any last minute jobs:

Stay productive on the go – starting now

Leveraging mobile technology, Resco Mobile CRM enables you to create value even at a time which would otherwise remain unused – such as travelling or waiting for appointments. As our customers say, it not only boosts productivity, but it makes the utility of CRM much easier to understand and use.
Would you like to give it a try yourself? You can start your free trial here right now.
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