Resco’s Observations from the Gartner Customer 360 Summit


The Customer 360 Summit by Gartner was held in the sunny San Diego, CA earlier in September 2015. As the 360 Summit is Gartner’s premiere event focusing on the customer: from engagement to experience, technologies and applications all across the CRM systems, Resco couldn’t miss it.

“Delivering Great Customer Experiences at the Speed of Digital Business”

The event attracted around 650 delegates mostly from the USA. The most resonating topics included crafting CRM vision and strategy, delivering a world-class customer experience at every point of contact, realizing the full potential of your CRM investments, modernizing legacy systems and technologies, evolving contact centers into customer engagement hubs or driving sales force effectiveness. The common denominator across most of the sessions, topics and discussions was the customer.

Customer Experience and Engagement

In this digital world and age, mobile technologies play a crucial role when it comes to customer engagement and experience. Since the role of mobile apps and solutions in the daily lives of internal CRM users, such as sales force, field technicians or executives became a standard, companies strive to leverage “mobile” in broader context. Modern mobile experiences can not only inform the customer, but can also create more intimate relationships and discussions, especially when utilizing the “smart” features of smart mobile devices, e.g. location services, notifications, GPS & navigation, cameras etc.
Mobile_appsWe at Resco understand the trends and are here to be part of your 360 degree customer journey. Our Mobile Apps allow to utilize the power of your CRM systems and to bring them to your customers, partners, suppliers, volunteers etc. in a mobile fashion.

The Story of Mobilizing Bayer CropScience

At this year’s Gartner Summit, Resco was extremely lucky. Ralf Zickler with Bayer CropScience was so kind to make a trip across half of the world to share a story of how Bayer CropScience mobilized their internal workforce. With Resco Mobile CRM, in case you were wondering. The story is even more interesting, as the back-end system is Oracle Siebel and Ralf and his team did the whole job in less than 100 days. Tremendous effort and a great success. We hope to cover Ralf’s endeavor in more detail in a customer success story soon. For now, I say ‘Thank You, Ralf!’
Let me know how you approach customers and if mobile technologies are part of that below in the comments or via twitter @ivan_stano.
And now, it’s time for a little sneak peek to how it all went down in San Diego!
Source: https://www.gartner.com/