Diary of an Enthusiastic Windows Mobile Ex-User aka Turning over to Android

My Microsoft Pocket PC and Windows Mobile History

The story began about a decade ago. I started to be bored with the possibilities of a simple mobile phone and was looking for something more sophisticated. After finding out that something like PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) exists, I focused mainly on the Microsoft Pocket PC.
The main reason was that I’ve already been using Windows, and as the extension of the desktop it was ideal. The other reason was, that a family friend was working for Microsoft and when he lend me the first Pocket PC 2002 Phone, made by Qtek (HTC Wallaby) for about a week, I felt in love with the touchscreen and possibilities that the system offered. I realize I might look like a fool to walk around taking calls with something in a shape and size of a brick, but who else could e.g. watch films, read ebooks and play games in a bus. And then, sometime later, when that the prices for such device finally met the possibilities of a high school student, I purchased my first own PDA, the Acer N30. It worked well side by side with the „dumb“ phone, but after about a year, when carrying two devices started to bother me. To be honest, I really did not need it for work or something. I just used it as a gadget.

So there it came, how about an all in one device? The MDA’s (as the phone enabled PDA were familiar called) were too expensive for me, so the result was, that I got myself a Motorola MPx 200 running the Smartphone version of Microsoft Pocket PC 2002. The system was laggy and not very optimized, but thanks to the xda-developers I immediately upgraded to version 2003. It was a wonderful piece of hardware. Small (but a bit bulky), but powerful. Capable of everything that PDA’s could do, the only limitation was the size and resolution of the display. But who would have thought that a mobile phone is capable of viewing a whole document with hints for an exam J

Later I changed it for a Samsung i320, that added a QWERTY keyboard. About that time I joined Resco, where I could use my enthusiasm and gained knowledge about the system. Here I also got access to the latest devices and technologies. Later I got back to the touch screen devices, and purchased the T-Mobile MDA Vario (the first Windows Mobile 5 device) and it was the last Windows Mobile device that I purchased. While my stay at Resco, I’ve been using also other devices, like a variety of PDA’s from Dell, HP, Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens, but also phones like Samsung Omnia, Qtek 8310, Samsung i600, HTC MteoR,  Samsung i780 and HTC HD2 and many others. I’ve been using the HTC HD2 for over two years mainly because it was the most powerful Windows Mobile device. As Microsoft started cutting down the support for Windows Mobile I realized that the system I was familiar with for over a decade is really dying. My colleagues turned over to Android and Windows Phones, I was still stuck with the Windows Mobile system. As we decided to keep at least one device for development, I decided that it is time to buy something personal. But this is another story.

Article written by Lukas Lesko.

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