Interactive Map View in Resco Mobile CRM

Online maps have already become a common part of our lives. When we look for an address, restaurant, hotel or other point of interest we use Google, or Bing maps to find that place and a way how to get there. When using a mobile device this feature is even more interesting, since one can easily look for a restaurant, or hotel, near to their position. But how about using this functionality in a CRM mobile client?
Resco Mobile CRM provides an interactive map as an alternative view of accounts, contacts, leads, or any other records, which have GPS coordinates. That means that the map shows you all your CRM related objects that are located near the current position as a pin. Moreover, the map component is fully interactive, which means that you can zoom in/out, filter over the displayed pins using integrated filter, search for a specific account, contact etc. in the embedded search box and tap a pin for a detailed info about the related object. And this is just the beginning. In the future version of Resco Mobile CRM you will be able to switch all relevant views between standard list and map view. It looks like Mobile CRM is no more only a lite version of a desktop client. Moreover, it is  the main client platform.
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