Diary of an Enthusiastic Windows Mobile Ex-User aka Turning over to Android III

Samsung Galaxy Note: First impressions of a supersized phone.

Samsung has entered a very thin ice and brought a device that combines the advantages of a phone and tablet and ads something in addition.
This article will be in sign of couple wow effects. First one comes when you open the box and you will notice the device. It is because no matter what device you had, it will simply be a shock. The bigger the shock will be the smaller device you had previously. Nothing will prepare you for the huge 5.3 inch screen. The first impression advantage of display will later might become a disadvantage when using the device as the width of the Note is simply bigger that the width of an average palm. But still, there are more pros than cons.

The second wow comes when the devices starts. The display is amazing. You might notice the disadvantages of AMOLED displays (too colorful), but all in all the display is amazing. The dpi is close to the iPhone4 and browsing web, watching videos, playing games is a wonderful experience.

Next wow comes when you realize that the device also has a stylus. It is quite a long time when I used it for the last time with the Samsung i780 and I found out I am still used to it. It is nice to write memos, and draw sketches on the go. But then comes the time when you realize that there is not much things to do with it. But e.g. taking screen captures is a nice feature.
The biggest wow comes when you try to take a picture or a video. Camera makes really nice photos, especially when the light conditions are good. But the biggest catch is the FullHD video. The video is fast, crisp and really nice to look at. Final result on PC or TV is amazing. I am sure I will use it as a primary device to take pictures and video on family events and holidays, same as records on occasions.
Next wow is not that big. It involves the battery life. My record was that the device was alive for about 50 hours, while it has been used occasionally, some browsing, some calls, no big deal. But this was a special weekend, normally I plug it in every night. That is the price for nonstop WiFi/HSDPA connection, constant push synchronization of two gmail and one exchange account and of course use of such screen. Of course the more you use the display, the sooner the battery gets drained. But it can handle one busy or two ordinary work days (if you are not playing Angry Birds in the office :).
Overall it is a great device that fulfills all it promises. For me it a daily device that allows me to have a “tablet” with me all the time and allows me to be in touch with everything I need.

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