City Smart Services powered by Resco: New solution for municipalities and local governments available this September


A few weeks back, we introduced our concept of an app that enables citizens to effortlessly report issues in public areas to municipalities. Today we’re happy to reveal that an entire solution – including a scheduling system for city officials and a dedicated app for contractors/service technicians – will be available in September 2017 under the City Smart Services name.
Built on Resco Cloud technology, City Smart Services facilitates the resolution of everyday problems affecting residents’ lives. For citizens, it brings effortless reporting and a complete overview of the resolution process. To municipalities it gives full control over the reports so they can solve issues in a faster, cost-effective way.
The City Smart Services product is based on Resco Field Service – a cloud-based solution with offline, cross-platform apps. The standard solution provides cloud-based CRM environment designed specifically for municipalities, together with applications created for residents and other roles:

  1. Mobile app for the general public
  2. Scheduling system for municipality officials
  3. Mobile app for contractors/service technicians

So how exactly does it work?

Burnt out street light? Unauthorized landfill? Cracked sidewalk? Using the City Smart Services mobile app citizens can easily submit reports about various issues affecting public spaces. With just a few taps on their phones or tablets, complete with description, photos, and GPS location. No need to write a lengthy email to the city council or call a service hotline at which you’d have to describe the matter. Plus, they can track the entire resolution process via the app and get notified every time the status of the report changes
Once the citizen sends a report, responsible city officials receive it in the scheduling system running on Resco Cloud. City officials can assess the reported issue and then facilitate the actual resolution. Within the scheduler they can see an overview of city’s contractors and service technicians. If the official finds a contractor/technician suitable and available for the job, he/she can instantly create a work order from the report and assign it to this worker:
After a work order has been created and assigned by the city official, the contractors/service technicians will be notified about it via their dedicated mobile app. There, they’ll also find the details of the job and can even use the app to navigate to the destination. On-site they can also utilize it to document the work, adding photos, video and even audio recordings to the work order. As soon as the job is finished they can send back the completed work order straightaway:
So when the city official sees a completed work order in the scheduler, he can change the report’s status to “resolved”. And the citizens will be notified that the reported issue has been handled.

Learn more about City Smart Services

To reduce the time needed for development and deployment, City Smart Services is a complete, ready-made solution. However, partners and customers can also easily extend it to other field service scenarios: With all the designs, schemas, and source codes available as a starting point, partners can learn from this solution and easily modify it. Utilizing the Woodford configuration tool they can add custom entities, create unique workflows, modify the user interface design and more – delivering customized field service solutions across an array of business sectors and industries.
If you want to know more about City Smart Services ask us at mobilecrm@resco.net,or keep an eye on this blog where we’ll be soon sharing more. And make sure to join us for resco.next 2017 in Amsterdam (October 25-26), where you will get a complete hands-on tour of City Smart Services directly by the Resco team.