Drive innovation across your organization with AR features coming in Resco Spring Update

resco ar tagged image feature showed in a retail storage

One of the biggest Resco releases to date is coming with a ton of valuable features. Improvements in the Inspections and Resco Platform solutions bring new opportunities to drive your business growth. And it doesn’t stop there. The Spring Update also brings enhancements to innovative fields of augmented reality and wearables utilization.
With newly supported AR features on iPhones and iPads, you can now easily improve reporting, team collaboration, or customer service by visualizing important data in the work field. Besides that, the new release further extends the flexibility of your team by improving questionnaires on smartwatches.
Let’s dive deeper into the benefits that you can harness with these innovations coming in Resco Spring Update.

Empower your workers with AR functionality

As augmented reality technology evolves, it possesses an opportunity to gain an edge on the competition. With the powerful Resco Tagged Scene feature available on iOS and iPadOS devices, this opportunity becomes ever more accessible.
You can now streamline and optimize your work processes by merging digital elements into the physical world. Inspectors, technicians, field workers, and any other professionals can effectively provide customers, managers, or back office with easily understandable and insightful data.
AR Tagged Scene allows you to attach and visualize context information about machines, equipment, or anything in your work field with interactive tags. The functionality makes data collection more effective, which leads to improved reporting, team collaboration, and customer services.
Imagine a real estate agent that is looking for a new apartment for his client relocating to a new destination. He can answer all the questions directly within the 3D scene and show the customer every detail of a house in a compact view. It makes the whole process much faster and effective for both sides.
Take a look at how Tagged Scene in Resco Inspections works:

In another scenario, a service technician can inspect a complex machine, tag its individual parts, and consult the possibilities about the repair with the engineering team in the back office. This way, the AR solution mitigates the time needed for the repair and allows the team to work more effectively.
AR Tagged Scene is also applicable during onboarding or training processes. With interactive tags, it’s easier and quicker to learn about the work environment, equipment, and processes.

Gain more flexibility with Inspections on smartwatches

Workers that can’t interact with a phone or tablet while completing their task, can increase their flexibility by utilizing wearables. With Resco Inspections, they can add data to questionnaires and mobile forms even via touch or voice commands on smartwatches. This enables workers to effectively fill out reports even when they wear gloves, work in heights, need both hands for the task completion, or in other challenging use cases.
Resco Inspections on smartwatches Resco Spring Update
Swipe to the right to get back to the previous question on smartwatches
With the latest improvements to Resco Inspections, you can now also seamlessly move back to previously answered questions in a form opened on smartwatches. As a result, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or not being able to get back while reporting. The feature further extends the flexibility workers by utilizing smartwatches into their workflows.

Improve collaboration and task oversight by using Inspections on two devices simultaneously

With Resco’s Spring Update, team members can also work together by editing the same questionnaire on two devices. As values entered on the phone/tablet are now displayed on the connected smartwatches in real-time, workers can become more synchronized in getting through the maintenance or inspection.
Resco Inspections on smartwatches Resco Spring Update
Inspectors can also get a better overview of the questionnaire completion. When working on a smartwatch, the questionnaire automatically scrolls down on the connected phone, too. As a result, it is easier to plan according to task completion and oversee the reports.

Harness the best from innovations in Resco Spring Update 2020

Features coming with this new Resco release open many new possibilities. With an iPhone or iPad, you can start utilizing augmented reality within your workflow in a very affordable way. The new AR Tagged Scene enables you to include more concise data into your reports and thus streamline your processes. If the job doesn’t allow to use a phone or tablet, expanded smartwatch utilization can offer even more flexible support of your needs.  
You can find the complete overview of features from Resco’s Spring Update 2020 here.
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