Smart & safe – with COVID-19 Health Check template

illustration of man getting a covid test

How is the testing of the coronavirus handled in your country?
The USA has tested close to 2 million people up to this date (April 7). That is almost half the population of Resco’s homeland country, Slovakia. Diagnostic tests are now performed in ways we have never imagined. From drive-thrus and tents outside hospitals to door-to-door testing in less developed areas.

Smart testing with Inspections Health Check template

There is no better key to controlling the coronavirus than the comprehensive testing. With smart technologies, health workers or volunteers conducting the tests can reduce the waiting times in lines.
Resco COVID-19 Health Check can also help hospitals and health organizations to gather patient data related to coronavirus – all in one place. This could be information about the patient’s immune system, health status, and medical history. The Inspections questionnaire template is also a report to your health condition that you check at home daily.
Where can it help:

  • At Hospitals, Health & Diagnostic centers: patients fill in the health checklist while waiting, which reduces waiting times and helps doctors and medical workers see all patient data in one place.
  • Door-to-door testing in less developed countries: where volunteers can use the app to maintain records of tested people.
  • At home: to get a better picture if we exhibit symptoms that are commonly related to the infection.
  • At companies with many workers: to help employers gather health & safety data about its employees.

Note that self-testing does not replace real diagnostic tests performed by expert institutions. Iceland’s lab’s testing suggests 50% of coronavirus cases have no symptoms.

How do I get the COVID-19 Health Check to my Inspections organization?

Download a pre-defined template to your existing organization here: COVID-19 Health Check Template  & follow instructions in the video below:

Did you know?
You can add the AI Face Mask Check to your Health Checklist too! 
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We are happy to give you a hand to get started with the new template. Contact us at mobilecrm@resco.net.