Smart improvements & simplified data analysis with Resco Inspections’ Spring Update


The Spring Update 2020 of Resco Inspections comes with a lot of usability improvements and simplified solutions that are real time-savers. Let’s take a look at some of the key highlights of this update:

No technical skills needed to create questionnaire templates  

You need to create questionnaire templates, but feel like it requires way more technical knowledge and skills than you possess? With the improved Questionnaire Designer this isn’t a problem anymore. We made the Designer more suitable for business users, so they can use it just as smoothly as those with a technical background.  

Simplified solutions for small-scale problems 

Sometimes you need easy and fast solutions for basic problems. This is why we implemented Smart Questions, which make the process of configuring essential business logic much faster and technically less challenging. Until now, all logic had to be set up in the Rule Editor, where, at times, the process could get rather complex. Now you can set conditions like visibility, requirement, and several others directly from the question. 

Smart styles for clear orientation  

Inspections’ Smart improvements can save you time and worries also when it comes to style settings, which prior to this update had to be configured in the Rule Editor as well. How did we simplify this process? When someone answers a question with yes, the answer automatically appears in greenSimilarly, when the answer is no, it appears in red. There’s a simple science behind this update, which is that our brains are hardwired to process visual information much faster than text. The same applies for numeric values – when you set a range, you can adjust the style for it directly in the question.  

Add your own icons for easier navigation 

Another improvement enables you to set your own Questionnaire Icon for a template to make it stand out in the Questionnaire Designer, as well as in your mobile appOnce set, the icon will be automatically used with the related template in all Questionnaire views in the application. The icons can help users to navigate questionnaires more easily, as they visually differentiate the templates from one another. 

Build trust & credibility by showcasing your logo 

Users can add the logo of their company to the top of the questionnaire template, which will be also reused in reportsAdding your logo to questionnaires helps to establish credibility, leading to increased levels of trust among your customers. This feature can also save you a ton of time since you don’t need to add the logo manually onto each page. It will be reused automatically on all of them.  

Analyze data collected with Inspections in PowerBI  

In the Spring Update, we are also delivering essential integration updates – so you can take advantage of the data collected with Resco Inspections even within third-party analytics tools. 
If you are using PowerBI in your business and would like to analyze the data you have on your Inspections Cloud, now you can easily do so by integrating both systems. Utilizing the data gathered from your questionnaires, you can now create powerful dashboards with PowerBI. Moreover, you can also display these dashboards directly in any of your Resco mobile apps 
And this is not everything. You can find a more detailed overview of all features from Resco’s Spring Update 2020 here 
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