6 Reasons to Attend resco.next, the Mobile and Field Service Event of the Year


Just three short years ago, we organized Resco’s first ever multi-day event in the U.S.A. It was in the center of American history, the city of Boston. Time is of the essence, and in 2018 we are making a new mark. A new resco.next event.
This time in Atlanta, Georgia on March the 14th and 15th to be precise. And this time we’ve decided to do things a little different. As a Greek once said, “the only constant is change”. This year’s resco.next focus will change, as well. It is going to be all about…

Benjamin Vollmer

We’re lucky to have Ben speaking at resco.next. Ben is the Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Lead at Microsoft and he agreed to deliver a keynote and additional valuable and unique content. If you have experienced Ben before, you know we are up for a great ride. Fasten your seat belts!

MVPs and Guest Speakers

The content drives the value of every event. Resco.next is no different. The world’s top MVPs and business leaders are coming to speak and share their precious knowledge, experience, and tips and tricks. We are having Rick McCutcheon, long term MVP and the social selling expert, Scott LeFante, the CRM and Field Service expert & Co-host of CRM Audio, Shawn Tabor, Microsoft Business Solutions MVP & Co-host of CRM Audio, Pierre Hulsebus, Field Service Digital Transformation Leader, Jonathan Taub, President of Rimrock Corporation, Gina Renner, Product Owner and Strategic Planner at Key2Act, Henning Sittel, Team Manager at Orbis, one of Resco’s top partners in Europe, all flying to Atlanta and spending two+ days with us. Great people and great minds who are not to be missed.

Field Service

Yes! Field Service is becoming a major drive of business in the Microsoft channel. We sense that from Microsoft, partners and customers, as well. And this year, resco.next will cover field service topics from A to Z. We are having Microsoft people delivering the content. We are also having partners such as Key2Act and Rimrock sharing their perspectives and visions on Field Service and we are having the MVPs share their experience about how to build a Field Service and Mobility practice as well as, practical tips and tricks. Furthermore, fresh from the oven, we will share the news about the future of the mobile application as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Mobile first, mobile anywhere. As my colleague Miro Pomsar likes to say, mobile devices are part of our daily routine. To the extent we wake up with them, we have them in our pockets all day, we sweat with them in the gym and we go to sleep with them. Maybe it’s time to look at what more we can do with mobile devices besides watching cat videos on YouTube and checking social media ten times every hour. My colleagues, Resco experts, from both America and Slovakia are coming to share their expertise. But don’t be mistaken. As much as we want to talk, we want to listen even more. We strive to learn about how you use mobile devices and technologies in your companies, what your plans and dreams are. I invite you to an enlightening conversation about mobility.

Appreciate Woodford

Woodford is the name of Resco’s configuration tool. For many, it’s rather a name of a very good bourbon. I guess the reason the bourbon and Resco tool share the same name is becoming notoriously familiar. At least for some. If you are still in the dark, come to resco.next and you will find out more. This year, we let the professionals from the distillery tell you the story of this medicine. The presentation will be paired with tasting Woodford with dark chocolate that enhances the flavors of Woodford itself. Not the configuration tool. Though, that one is yummy too.

Rooftop Skylounge

We at Resco are all about business. However, we also like to have a good time and enjoy life. In Atlanta, we are having a reception at one of the country’s, or perhaps world’s, best rooftop bars. Spectacular views of downtown Atlanta, artisanal hors d’oeuvres coupled with mixed drinks. I invite you to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at the Skylounge. I can’t wait to meet you, our customers and partners there and have a great conversation.
So, are you coming or are you coming? You can register here: https://www.resco.net/next/usa/register/ or reach out to me with any questions at ivan @ resco.net.
I hope to see you in Atlanta, GA at resco.next.