Make the most of your software, create a better working environment within your team, increase user adoption, and facilitate accelerated productivity


Managers that facilitate & promote with Mobile Audit

Are your employees using your CRM to its fullest capabilities?

It can be time consuming gathering feedback from each of your employees regarding the likes and dislikes of your CRM. Monitor who, what, how & where tasks, processes, and actions are being used and completed.

Make an effort to promote a healthy working environment. Gathering insights enables you to optimize usages and shine light on where there’s room for improvement.


Advise & promote more working hours to be used effectively

Use your time at meetings to jot down notes directly within your phone or tablet and never stay late at the office.


Make sure your KPIs are being met among your teams

With ease of use, it’s no wonder user adoption will be at an all-time high. Plan your visits effectively for the day and make positive every client gets the attention they deserve – never skip a meeting, set the bar high!


Be able to compare and contrast

Are your departments working in sync? Are dedicated visits being fulfilled with what’s planned?


Never lose track of your crew

How is your team doing? Is anyone lost? Spending sufficient time at the clients office? Stuck in traffic? Easily see your teams activity on the map.


Activity outbound tracking

Find out where your team is performing actions with the mobile app and help them achieve maximum productivity by capturing the data directly at the client’s site. No need to duplicate data entry once you arrive to the office/home.


Real-time data at your fingertips

Be able to monitor, advise, and simply help prompt or remind you team to use their efforts out in the field, rather than waiting to get back to the office or even worse, taking your work home with you.


Geo-fencing without any borders

Alert your users when they‘re near a client/customer to utilize their time in the field to their fullest potential. Turn on certain notifications that appear only when your users are in specified areas, promoting them to be more active.

mobile audit and analytics resco cloud resco mobile crm
A look at possible features to use

Curious how users work with the app?

Mobile Audit helps better understand how field workers use the mobile app. It can show you how many activities your field workers created, how many times they synchronized the app with the server, how many accounts they looked at, or if they even started the app today. But most importantly you can easily identify ways to further improve your solution, among your team.

mobile audit and analytics resco cloud resco mobile crm

Analytics in real-time

Understand how and why your team works the way they do. Gather insights to provide better optimizations with your overall operations.