Pairing of trucks with trailers, updating the vehicle’s maintenance history, assigning drivers and accepting transfers is all done via Resco Mobile CRM on iPads. 

“It used to take our supervisor about an hour and a half to complete it on a computer. Now they just take their finger do a few swipes, hit save and they’re done in 10 seconds.”
Jason Benskin, Senior Applications Developer at Blueknight Energy Partners.


Work online and offline in Field Service

Why depend on the Internet constantly? In offline mode, Resco Mobile CRM securely stores the data on your device – accessible anywhere & anytime, even without internet connection.


Eliminate paperwork

No need to lug around paper forms, manuals, instruction guides, or product catalogs and brochures. You can even get a completed service task form signed off digitally, on the device’s screen.


Improves communication & collaboration

Make the information flow seamlessly between the back office and service team, seamlessly syncing the app with your CRM. The new in-app chat also enables users to easily communicate with each other.


Guide through the service process

Create automated workflows that will guide your technicians step-by-step through the entire job to make sure essential processes won’t get omitted.


Optimize your route

View assignments on a map and create an optimal route to get the most out of your workday. Let the built-in navigation take over and reliably guide you to your next destination.


Increase customer satisfaction

From faster response times to well-informed estimates of spare parts availability – elevate the level of the delivered services and bring smiles to the faces of your customers.

A look at possible features to use

Schedule customer visits with a single tap

In the calendar, create and schedule service tasks with a single tap of your finger. There, you can also see your personal activities and ensure that your private and professional life will not collide.

Scan QR, barcodes, or business cards

Field Service representatives in the field can scan codes on parts to order fitting replacements immediately. Or capture and save business cards to make sure you won’t lose the contact information of the customer you’ve just acquired.

field service manual in crm database

Lookup the details in documents

Feels like you’re traveling to service jobs with half a library packed in your bag? Store manuals and instruction sheets in the app effortlessly, and look up the details necessary to complete the task right when you need them. As a Field Service technician, you have enough things to worry about, make things easy.

Ask a colleague

Isn’t everything you’re looking for in the manual after all? Field Service technicians can make use of the app’s built in chat and ask your colleague for a quick consultation that will help you solve even the trickiest situations.