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Resco introduces 25+ innovations in Autumn Update 2021 and a new field service product

Resco Autumn Update 2021

Bratislava, Slovakia – October 6, 2021 – Resco, the leading provider of cross-platform enterprise mobility solutions, has today officially announced the launch of its quarterly Autumn Update and the launch of a new product – resco.FieldService.

The highlights of the third regular release of 2021 include enhancements such as redesigned app UI for RealWear, synchronization optimized specifically for Dynamics 365, hierarchy tree for displaying records, and much more.

resco.FieldService enables companies to optimize their field service operations and maintenance processes. Organizations can automate job scheduling, increase first-time fix rates, communicate with clients, or monitor field performance.

New for Dynamics 365 – Redesigned UI for RealWear, upgraded Inspections questionnaires and beyond

The Resco application for RealWear extended reality headsets is getting a new interface in the Autumn Update. Utilizing the Resco app integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 on RealWear can help users simplify their jobs. To help them work with added comfort using just their voice, Resco radically redesigned its RealWear app. The new UI is streamlined with improved controls and text readability to make working with Dynamics 365 on RealWear more effortless than ever.

RealWear user interface UI redesign

Furthermore, those who integrate Resco with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can now also utilize the batching of small attachments into one API call. This sync efficiency booster prevents spending too many API calls which Dynamics/Dataverse now monitor and will limit in the future.

The updates to Inspections’ Questionnaire Designer ensure that users will be able to create questionnaires directly from their own imported XLS files.

Resco is also adding the much-demanded ability to import multiple pictures at once when answering Image/Media questions. Learn about what else is new in Inspections here. All of these new additions are also immediately available in Resco Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365.

Questionnaires uploading images

Hierarchy tree, optimized sync & more

In any Resco solution, users can now display records in a hierarchy tree for a better overview. With a single click or tap, it will show data in a clear-cut structure – such as customers, their assets, sub-assets, related orders, and more. To find a specific item, users can also simply type into the freshly added Search bar. Any relevant record will show up highlighted within the hierarchy tree.

Resco app hierarchy tree

As part of the Autumn Update, Resco is also introducing several improvements to route planning. Routes AI can now calculate the fastest route more accurately than ever. It takes into account live and historical traffic data. And the addition of JavaScript adds users the chance to set up custom rules and logic, as well as their own primary fields.

To find out about even more new additions to the Resco platform, check out the latest Resco blog.

resco.FieldService – Powerful capabilities, strong field service focus

The new resco.FieldService comes with a unique combination of proven capabilities, new features, and flexible licensing. All to serve organizations needing lightweight yet powerful solutions for their field service operations.

The core of the solution is out-of-the-box functionality backed up by Resco Cloud technology, full offline mode, and unlimited customization. The product offers a complete mobility management package with new capabilities centered around work orders, assets maintenance, and scheduling.

Resco.FieldService scheduling

Partners and customers using resco.FieldService can also take advantage of strong integration options, including Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and SAP. Organizations can also sync important field data between Resco and Microsoft Business Central through OData and Power Automate platform.

More details about the capabilities of resco.FieldService are available on the company’s blog and website.

Knowledge harvesting for smarter upskilling and training

Another new functionality delivered in the 2021 Autumn Update is resco.Guides’s knowledge harvesting. This feature presents a solution to the global skill shortage many industries face today. Aiming to make upskilling and training processes efficient, it empowers workers to document their tasks with written instructions and digital multimedia. Resco’s knowledge harvesting opens organizations’ doors to digitization and standardization of work instructions while retaining precious tribal knowledge.

resco.Guides knowledge harvesting

Explore the complete list of improvements and new features from Resco’s Autumn Update 2021 here.

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