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Resco names Tomas Michalek its new CTO 

Bratislava, Slovakia – Feb. 26, 2024

Tomas Michalek brings an impressive track record of building scalable and efficient mobile solutions to mobility industry leader, Resco. He joins the Resco team from Sygic, where he led teams developing integrated navigation solutions. Tomas achieved success with RoadLords, who grew to 600k truck drivers around Europe, pushing a legacy industry from pen-and-paper to a digital solution. 

In his new role, Tomas will provide leadership, technical vision, and direction for the whole development team, working on the Resco low code mobility platform, productivity components, and business app project templates for the Microsoft Power Platform.  

“I am excited to lead the team of talented developers at Resco towards delivering reliable and efficient tools for frontline and office workers. People tend to think about companies like Meta or Apple as delivering important technology, but these move the needle of quality of life only slightly. Frontline workers, who make sure our utilities are working at our homes, offices, and hospitals, have a bigger impact.  
Resco technology is at the center of many industries delivering these crucial services. There is a great need and desire to create digital tools for frontline and office workers that incorporate the best of what the technological world has to offer while maintaining safety and security standards. This is a great opportunity, and I am excited to get started,” says Tomas. 


Over the past 25 years, Resco has helped the world work better outside the office by making it simple to build complex mobile experiences for frontline workers.  

The company’s low-code tools and solutions enable organizations to build and deploy enterprise-level business apps quickly and easily. These solutions allow mobile workers to access or capture data on the go, using any mobile device, even when offline. Field teams can tackle field service, mobile sales, data collection, or any other frontline scenario while delivering valuable data back to the office.  

With full offline functionality, a no-code/low-code development platform, and native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Salesforce, Resco empowers organizations worldwide to tackle the most demanding mobile challenges faced by frontline workers.  

Over 800 enterprise and corporate companies from segments like utilities, retail, energy, oil & gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, or NGOs rely on Resco to simplify their frontline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce paperwork. 

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