resco.FieldService: A new powerful solution with world-class mobility and focus on technicians performance

Resco field service app in a tablet

It’s been a while since we’ve entered the enterprise mobility sector. First with Mobile CRM, a mobile field service app, and just last year with Resco Inspections, a standalone product built fully on Resco Cloud technology.

And for all those years, we’ve had a chance to learn, evolve, and address the needs and requirements of clients in the field service (FS) industry.

Today, we are excited to leverage these experiences and announce the next chapter in our offering.

We introduce resco.FieldService – a product built to optimize field service, asset maintenance, and operations processes.

The new solution brings a powerful combination of one of the world’s finest FS mobile apps and advanced mobility management tools. With resco.FieldService, you can excel in field technician digitalization, schedule optimization, and work order automation.

Features you know enhanced with new capabilities

resco.FieldService comes with a unique combination of proven functionality and new features. All to serve organizations needing lightweight, yet powerful solution for their FS operations.

The core of the solution are out-of-the-box capabilities you know from other Resco’s products, backed up by Resco Cloud technology, full offline mode, and unlimited customization.

The product includes complete mobility management and field mobility packages: Inspections form designer, scheduler, route planner, reports, RealWear support, a dedicated mobile app, or digital checklists.

On top of that, users gain new capabilities centered around work orders, asset maintenance, and scheduling.

With resco.FieldService you can:

  • Digitize all paperwork and enhance worker productivity with dynamic mobile forms
  • Automate work order creation with templates and recurrence settings
  • Increase first-time fix rate with work instructions and digital workflows
  • Schedule jobs in seconds with advanced route planning and simple drag-and-drop scheduler
  • Get an overview of all assets and check their service history, condition, and plans
  • Connect customers and contractors in one place through Client Portal

The heart of the solution for field techs remains the Resco mobile app with full offline mode and Inspections capabilities.

The technicians can access all relevant information about work orders, customers, even job instructions on the go. Furthermore, the dynamic mobile forms help them to collect precise data and minimize the risk of mistakes throughout maintenance and inspection procedures.

Powerful integration, strong field service focus

Partners and customers using resco.FieldService can take advantage of extensive integration options. Organizations can sync important field data between Resco and Microsoft systems through OData and the Power Automate platform.

The integration enables companies to use a field service solution with the Dynamics 365 Business Central and take advantage of flexible pricing and easy-to-use integration UI.

The new product further strengthens our focus on the FS industry. Together with Resco’s Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365 Field Service offering, partners and customers of both solutions will benefit from the joint, boosted development of capabilities focused on technicians’ job execution.

Let’s innovate field service processes together

We are happy to show you the capabilities of the new resco.FieldService solution. If you work in the field service industry, including facility maintenance, energy, or oil & gas use cases, you can start to optimize and automate your processes today.

As always, you can try the solution for free.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact our business development team, who are eager to answer your questions about the solution and its licensing. You can find additional information about resco.FieldService on the official product page.