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Resco announces its Most Valuable Professionals list for exceptional contributions and innovations 

[Bratislava, Feb. 19, 2024] – Resco, a global leader in mobile CRM solutions, is proud to announce the addition of six remarkable professionals to its list of Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). This recognition is a testament to their profound individual contributions and commitment to innovation in the field of mobile technology and customer relationship management. 

Sven Lange, Industry Experience Lead at Avanade ASG, has been instrumental in Resco’s journey with Avanade. His multifaceted role as a Solution Architect and Manager of Business Applications has significantly influenced Resco’s strategies and global partnerships. His proactive feedback and connection with Avanade’s leadership have been crucial in fostering collaboration between Resco and Avanade.

Tom Moortgat, Fearless Leader Manager at Cegeka. With over a decade of collaboration with Resco, has consistently provided valuable insights into the mobility solutions landscape. His role in the development of the “Fearless Leader” solution for FMCG, which marries Microsoft Dynamics’ robust capabilities with Resco’s mobile features, has been revolutionary. Under Cegeka’s umbrella, he is expanding this solution’s reach into the pharmaceutical sector, further solidifying its impact in both the European and U.S. markets. 

Kai Pautsch, Presales Consultant at ORBIS SE, stands out as a Resco and Microsoft technology expert. His comprehensive skills in technical and sales aspects have greatly aided Resco in feedback acquisition and solution architecture. His efforts have been pivotal in promoting and integrating Resco solutions within Orbis.

Bill Rollinger, Principal COO at H1, is recognized for his deep understanding and application of Resco technology. His role in the Taskbridge project has been pivotal, improving field workers’ experiences in parallel with Resco’s mission. His efforts have opened new opportunities for large-scale enterprises to benefit from Resco’s innovative solutions. 

Veerle Verbruggen, Analyst Developer at NORRIQ BENELUX, is celebrated for her detailed understanding of Resco technology, which she has been developing since 2018. Her advanced certifications and ability to provide innovative solutions and feedback have led to significant user improvements, benefiting both administrators and mobile users. 

Ken Ehn, Senior D365 Cloud Application Architect at MNP Digital in Canada, showcases exceptional expertise in Resco technology and problem-solving. His many years of implementing many successful critical business application projects for clients exemplifies his ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet diverse client needs. His technical acumen has been vital in showcasing the adaptability and effectiveness of Resco solutions to provide operation-critical mobile app capabilities.

These distinctive professionals have mastered Resco’s technology and fostered a culture of innovation and excellence. Their contributions reflect Resco’s commitment to empowering organizations with cutting-edge mobile solutions. Resco will publish a series of interviews detailing unique use cases these MVPs have mastered.  

For more information about Resco and its MVP program, please visit the MVP subpage.


Resco helps the world work better outside the office by making it simple to build complex mobile experiences for frontline workers.

The company’s low-code tools and solutions enable organizations to build and deploy enterprise-level business apps quickly and easily. These solutions allow mobile workers to access or capture data on the go, using any mobile device, even when offline.

Field teams can tackle field service, mobile sales, data collection, or any other frontline scenario while delivering valuable data back to the office.

With full offline functionality, a no-code/low-code development platform, and native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, or Salesforce, Resco empowers organizations worldwide to tackle the most demanding mobile challenges faced by frontline workers.

Over 800 enterprise and corporate companies from segments like utilities, retail, energy, oil & gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, or NGOs rely on Resco to simplify their frontline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce paperwork.

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