Resco – Field Service 2.0

A serious approach to serious field service

Accelerate efficiency gains, ensure knowledge continuity, and maximize user adoption with Field Service 2.0* for your Microsoft Dynamics 365.

*An ultimate field service mobility by Resco. No more asterisks. No limitations.

Field Service 2.0

What’s in it for you?

Get the best results on the first visit

The time of your technicians is invaluable. With Field Service 2.0 you will make sure that your field warriors finish the job right on the first visit even in the most challenging conditions.

And solve potential issues before they turn into a significant problem. No revisits, no wasted time.

Ensure knowledge continuity

Finding knowledgeable and experienced staff is a real challenge today. So is retaining them. Don’t let valuable knowledge retire along with your experts.

Turn all essential know-how into step-by-step workflows and forms that will guide generations to come. Utilize AR video calls for enhanced teamwork and include digital documentation, guides, and manuals.

Maximize user adoption with a continuous experience

The most effective work strategies and tools match the habits of users. Empower your team to work with the tools of their choice, be it phones, tablets, or smartwatches.

On the road, at the customer’s, or in the office – delight clients, accelerate efficiency gains and provide quality data for insightful decision-making.

Increase operational excellence with the technology of tomorrow

Provide your on-site employees with visual instructions via live AR video calls. Streamline work processes and speed up information flow with voice control. Maintain focus and keep technicians’ hands free utilizing wearables.

Optimize how your team moves

When scheduling jobs, many things can interfere – traffic jams, flat tires, or wrong turns leading to wasted time. With Field Service 2.0 you can efficiently dispatch your service fleet.

Gain more visibility into your operations to easily re-route your technicians when needed. Save costs and time with live location monitoring.

Upgrade your field service technology today

What extra benefits you get with Field Service 2.0?

Run on the latest versions of Resco technology

You choose your favorite devices (watches, glasses, AR/VR headsets, phones, tablets, laptops, desktops) we support them with our technology

Fully integrated with all major versions of Dynamics

Helpful and timely support

Strong roadmap with a vision

Full spectrum of Resco solutions in one seamless experience

Turn state-of-the-art technology to your advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest devices and their capabilities. Create unique experiences to strengthen user adoption and increase performance in the field.

Add Augmented reality tags to images or 3D scenes to easily provide contextual information and highlight specific areas.

Run your app on smartwatches and Microsoft HoloLens, enabling hands-free scenarios.

Complete work orders with voice commands.

Deploy remote assistance to guide technicians through complicated assignments.

Identify products or spare parts with AI image recognition.

Case studies


I chose Resco around three core components: the mobility, the stability – they weren’t experiencing the crash issues. We started off with Resco “of the shelf” and then went to the subscriber version where we began the customization – and that last point of flexibility was really critical. We have a number of processes which are unique to us and we have to work through those. With Resco, I was able to see that we had the capability of going there.

We had a 45% increase in process efficiency. This really came from that stability – being able to know what we were trying to gain in terms of insight from our salespeople and their pipeline and what was going on the field.

Jason Johnson,
Corporate Marketing Manager
Toyota Material Handling

45% Increase

in process efficiency


revenue increase

User adoption



What we saw in most of our projects is that Resco provides true mobility with real working offline capabilities we can fully rely on. We also see big advantages in this multi device capabilities.

Often we start designing the app intended for tablets or even laptops (due to the offline capabilities). However, the field service users often switch to smartphones. Less stuff to carry, same functionality, easy handling.

Taking photos and adding them to work orders is as easy as posting in facebook, I mean you can’t beat this, right? :). There is much more, which always amazes our customer because they are prepared to hear „sorry, we can’t do that“. Sometimes the field service users need to carry documents.

100+ Excel files

reduced to a single app

30+ Minutes

of searching reduced to almost zero

20% of time


We simply then integrate SharePoint. Same works with Exchange, need your appointments as well as your work orders? No problem, just integrate Exchange.

Create the field service report in the FS App and send it to your customer? No problem, use the report designer and exchange integration. And I’m still not talking about things like route planning or working through the work order itself.

And for us as a partner, especially me (but I see that when new colleagues are introduced into Woodford) the ability to easily and quickly extend functionality with no code is still amazing.

Christian Stadler,
Operations Manager CRM
Cosmo Consult SI GmbH


For our project, there were some infrastructure restrictions which cannot be fulfilled by the Microsoft apps. They were restricted for that infrastructure, but Resco wasn’t. They said ok, just install the app, connect, and that’s it. So there was no special requirements regarding any infrastructure you need to set up. That was definitely making life much easier.

We can reach out to Resco’s support pretty fast and we can say we need this and that requirement and they try to implement it for the next wave. We just have good experience with that approach.

Sven Lange & Jens Grambau


Upgrade your field service technology today