Who’s who at resco.next 2019: Meet the speakers

At the heart of each resco.next conference, there are partners, customers, special guests from Microsoft and Salesforce, and Resco experts, all looking forward to sharing their experience.
Today we’re introducing key Resco team members, who will help you navigate the landscape of enterprise mobility at the event’s 2019 edition in Rome. From CEO to leading technical, business development and marketing experts, here’s our “Magnificent 7”:

Miro Pomsar

Speaker_MiroMiro is the newly appointed CEO and long-time leader of Resco’s Technical department.
With an extensive set of coding and development skills, he has been pioneering state-of-the-art mobile solutions over the last 17 years. Miro is the original Solution Architect behind Resco Mobile CRM and continues to deliver innovative concepts, further expanding the company’s product portfolio. At resco.next 2019, he will also present the vision for Resco’s immediate and long-term future.
In his spare time, Miro loves running, traveling, and tending to his dogs.
Attendees can see him at: Keynote, roadmap and Woodford sessions; 1-on-1 discussions

Rado Vozar

Speaker_RadoCurrently Head of the Board, Rado is also one of the three original co-founders of Resco.
Rado has a true passion for technology and discovering niches of the unknown that enhance business productivity. He helped to build Resco from the ground up over the last 20 years, and today he’s focusing on the company’s strategy, direction-setting and pursuing new business opportunities.
When not working, he also enjoys a good long game of golf, fine steaks, and quality wines.
Attendees can see him at: Keynote

Tomas Gregor

Speaker_TomasTomas is the Marketing and Business Development Director at Resco.
His vision is to elevate Resco’s communication and buyer experience to a level where every potential customer or partner will be able to find out, understand and implement Resco solutions in the most efficient and engaging way.
Outside of work, Tomas trains in Movement, plays the guitar and enjoys quality time with family and friends.
Attendees can see him at: Keynote, marketing, and business strategy sessions; 1-on-1 discussions

Juraj Mojik

Speaker_JurajEstablishing and overseeing the strategy and development of Resco’s product portfolio as Product Manager.
Juraj’s developer background enables him to explain even complex technicalities eloquently. At the same time, he understands features and solutions from a user perspective just as well – keeping the big picture in mind as he’s in charge of the Resco Product Roadmap. Long-time partners and customers may also recognize him from countless insightful webinars and trainings he’s hosted throughout the years.
In his free time, Juraj enjoys producing music, DJ-ing, and spending family time with his wife and kids.
Attendees can see him at: Roadmap, Woodford and customization sessions; 1-on-1 discussions

Lukas Lesko

Speaker_LukasIn his role as Technical Support Manager, Lukas oversees the Support team and ensures partners, customers, and prospects receive timely and insightful answers to their questions.
Dealing with technical challenges on a daily basis, he will bring his wealth of knowledge on Woodford and mobile project configuration combined with a positive attitude – demonstrating why Resco’s Support receives praise across the board.
Spending time with his family and riding his motorbike are other passions Lukas thoroughly enjoys in his spare time.
Attendees can see him at: Woodford and customization sessions; 1-on-1 discussions

Anna Kontsekova

Speaker_AnnaAs Partner Channel Manager, Anna is responsible for Resco’s partner ecosystem, onboarding, enablement and support through partner trainings and activation programs.
Her ultimate goal is to empower partners to build & deploy enterprise mobile solutions and services for clients who could benefit from the Resco platform.
When not representing Resco, Anna can be found caring for her plants, at quizzes, hiking, exploring the local culinary scene, or travelling the world with her friends.
Attendees can see her at: Partner enablement and collaboration sessions; 1-on-1 discussions

Andrew Lorraine

Speaker_AndrewResponsible for Field Service and Partner Strategy and Resco’s partnership with Microsoft for Dynamics Field Service Mobile.
Be it field service, non-profits or enterprise mobility in general, he works with partners to help them adapt and innovate with the Resco Mobile Business Apps Platform.
As an American expat, Andrew also enjoys traveling back to the US, always stopping in his hometown of Philly on the way to grab a cheesesteak before heading back to Resco HQ.
Attendees can see him at: Partner enablement and business strategy sessions; 1-on-1 discussions
These are just the first 7 names on the growing list. Make sure to check the resco.next website often – we will be adding speakers frequently, as the conference draws closer.
Furthermore, if you’d like to share you experience and insights on business mobility, let us know and register as a speaker here.
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