Technical track at resco.NEXT – 6 sessions you should not miss

Technical track at resco.NEXT

From showcasing Resco solutions integrated with Microsoft Power Platform through deep dives into data modeling and sync impacts to improving the UI of your apps, the tech track at our annual resco.NEXT conference has a lot in store for our partners and core users.

At this year’s edition of our annual conference, we will focus on connecting the cloud to the ground: making sure innovation and technology decisions made in the office help the workers in the field.

In the dedicated tech track, you can look forward to two days of deep dives into the Resco platform, leading modules, and the latest innovations with real-life examples, best practices, and new ideas for tailoring Resco technology to your needs.

Session at Resco NEXT

As usual, the tech track will run parallel with the business track that will bring together sales and business-oriented attendees.

And there will be a shared agenda: a roadmap presentation, evening reception, partner session, and plenty of space for networking with experts on Resco technology from all over the globe.

If you like both tracks, you can attend one and watch the other one after the conference – we will provide a recording to all attendees.

Now, let’s get back to the tech track and the info you are waiting for. Let’s introduce you to the speakers, share what they will talk about, and highlight why they might be important for your projects.

Power-ful Modules – learn how to deploy Resco solutions in Power Apps, Power Pages, and beyond

This year, Resco is taking a big step forward by integrating our leading modules like Inspections, Guides, and Reports with Microsoft Power Platform. We have several powerful new capabilities to show.

Starting with Reports, these are no longer limited to mobile devices. Learn how to work with the Resco Reports Power Automate Connector as a powerful no-code solution for generating documents in back-office scenarios.

Discover a range of new solutions for data collection and reporting with Inspections for Microsoft Power Pages. Experience firsthand how to extend Power Pages with questionnaires and create robust portal applications for external contractors, partners and customers alike.

Solve complex data collection and inspection requirements in Power Apps with Resco Inspections, now natively available in Model-driven Power Apps. Learn the best practices for creating and sustaining Questionnaires in your Power Apps.

Product consultant Daniel Stransky, senior developer Martin Rosko, product consultant Tomas Brutovsky, and developer Matej Vanik will join forces to present the new modules in the Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem.

Optimizing your data model and sync

Learn about sync strategies and data footprint optimization and understand the impact of role-based security on performance from the world’s foremost experts in offline.

Jan Slodicka

Jan Slodicka, an expert developer at Resco, is the architect of our sync engine. Don’t miss this chance to see him in action and consult with him.

UI Refresh – Blue App to Modern App

A workshop-style session where Resco experts will show you how to implement our long-awaited UX/UI improvements. In the second half, you’ll receive hands-on assistance in taking your existing apps to the next level.

Adela Kovarova

Adela Kovarova is part of the Resco UX/UI team. She spends her time observing Resco users in their natural habitats, discussing their overall workflows and application usage scenarios. She later brings these research insights into action by improving the usability of our products.

Technical case studies

Deep dive into real-life implementations of Resco from our partner experts,. who will present their approach to technical challenges and start a dialogue on solving technical issues quickly and cost-effectively with Resco.

Janko Svetlik

Janko Svetlik, application development manager at Accenture, will share his knowledge with you. Another speaker will be announced soon.

What to consider when taking your data to offline

In this masterclass, you will delve into the design and fine-tuning of the Field Service data model and sync performance.

Jan Slodicka

Jan Slodicka, an expert developer at Resco, is the architect of our sync engine.

Innovation – Enhancing Resco mobile experiences with AI tools

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm and we’re already working on the first use cases for generative AI with Resco, like converting PDF documents into interactive Guides and creating summaries from complex Inspections data.

Learn how to implement AI with Resco through this look at use cases for pairing AI with our products, existing scenarios, and new opportunities.

Malvina Melkovicova

Malvina Melkovicova, a Resco product consultant, is working on automating complex reporting and improving customer experience.

There is a lot to experience and discuss at this year’s resco.NEXT.

You can learn more about the agenda, speakers, and venue at the resco.NEXT website.

Book your spot and join us in sunny Marbella on October 24-25.