1st Resco Smart Glasses – Launch: April 1st


The first prototype of Resco Smart Glasses has been here for quite a time now. A few of you might own them without knowing their true potential. This prototype offers unique protection against the big enemy of clear vision – the sun. Not to fotrget a threat of interior lights such as lamps and candles.
We knew this was just the beginning of something big.

We have come a long road filled with restless nights, but we did it! Today, on April 1st, we are proud to introduce you to a new upgraded version of the glasses prototype, familiarly known as “Smart Wipers“.
Smart Wipers give you double protection. Imagine you could work in the field with nothing but glasses. Now, you can freely work in areas like sunny beaches without hating the sun. On top of all, the sand and occasional piece of dirt or dust coming your way will no longer be an issue.

Remember the times when you were not able to finish your job properly because you could not see a thing? Remember when your glasses were so dirty that you had to take them off? But it didn’t help, did it? Nope, the sun was still there. Those painful times are far away gone, starting today.
Bonus tip: Talk to your Smart Glasses. This brilliant prototype patiently listens to what you have to say. Just try it! Tell them: “Wipers clean!“ and see for yourself. See the magic and watch it without dirt and dust. Tell them: “Wipers clean with intensity level 3“. This is the highest intensity level (1-3). And so the “Smart Wipers“ will clean like crazy. Can’t imagine? Watch the video, this is not a joke
We are thrilled to see the enormous interest in this revolutionary tool, hence we stopped receiving pre-orders for the moment. We will update you soon.
What’s next? Only time will show. In the meantime, we encourage you, dear customers & partners for the (mainly positive) feedback.

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