Salesforce, Resco & the future of business mobility

Top 3 features to engage your employees with mobility

Enterprise mobility will be a major topic of the next decade. And we are not just saying that. According to Salesforce State of IT report, mobile technologies are included in top three technologies that will have a transformational impact on business by 2020.
Salesforce is too aware of mobility trends and its potential in enterprise. Inspired and driven by customer success, Salesforce does its bit when it comes to mobile enrichments to its technologies with every release. Even though it’s not a mobile-first company. For example, in Spring release ’19, Salesforce introduced development tools to its Lighting platform to help businesses leverage business mobility.
And yet, many companies still struggle to engage employees with business mobile apps. Is the market ready? Are the companies prepared to deliver engaging mobile experiences to its customers?
Resco, Salesforce ISV partner has been on the market for 2 decades, just like Salesforce. Ever since our foundation, the main and major focus was mobile apps development.
“We put 110% of focus to our mobile app development platform and its reinforcements. We are happy to constantly bring innovative mobile solutions that are currently used by more than 2,200 corporate customers to the Salesforce community. With 20 years of development and after being recognized by Gartner* in 2018, Resco enters a new era of mobility all prepped and ready.
We believe, we have outgrown being a simple provider of “full offline app” that complements existing solutions. Resco mobile app and the Woodford configurator have become a comprehensive mobile app development platform. 40+ enhancements to mobility that we keep bringing within every quarterly release are a proof of that.” Radomir Vozar, CEO at Resco
Once again, Resco’s Winter release ’18 brought along significant updates helping companies solve mobility engagement issues via desktops and browsers. Today, we bring you a pick of 3 major ones:

1.      Advanced customizations thanks to brand new HTML tool

If you are familiar with Woodford, then you know it is a vastly powerful configurator. It has been bringing a myriad of options to create & customize independent, branded and specific mobile projects for a decade. Resco turning 20 in 2019 makes for a perfect time for new beginnings! Next generation browser-based version of Woodford is great news, especially for Mac OS users.
It lets you build apps connected to Salesforce with no to very little coding skills. At the same time, users can create custom objects and logic within Resco environment.
Read more about Woodford HTML here.

2.      Sync dashboards with detail info about the app’s usage

Numbers, graphs, statistics. Analytics is an alpha and omega to a successful strategy. When talking about enterprise mobile strategy, data analytics about how the app is used is a way to figure out how to better engage your employees. One of the smart analytic tools is a Sync dashboard. It allows admins to gain insight into synchronization details of users and devices.  A clear-cut dashboard shows not only how your users behave, but if there are any sync errors, and more.

3.      Mobile report editing options

As a commonly used and popular Resco feature, reporting functionality deserves constant nurturing and revamping. It has too been redesigned in HTML like Woodford, for more convenient user experience. Fast and user-friendly editing tool streamlines your reporting processes. It now enables you to faster add or remove columns, rows, attachments, and more.
User engagement is the first thing on our minds when forecasting development of our mobile technologies and business strategy. A top-notch support and tens of upgrades every 3 months. This is how we motivate our customers & their employees to better engage with business mobile solutions.
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* Resco was placed in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for the Mobile Application Development Platform: see the report.
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