Research: Industrial use of smartwatches

Resco has been dealing with wearable devices already for several years. Most of our initial activities were related to outdoor scenarios. Our focus was to find reasonable extensions of mobile sales and field service functionalities for wearable devices. Smartwatches were, of course, included, and we realized the huge potential of these devices in enterprise scenarios.

A year ago, we started an exciting new research at Resco. The focus was to find new areas of smartwatch use, that would be valuable for business customers. To find scenarios where a mass deployment of smartwatches would be beneficial for both employers and employees.
We have evaluated tens of various devices, their accessories, operating systems, applications, etc. And now, we have an in-depth study we want to share with you.
The study compares smartwatches with other mobile devices, such as smartphones. It describes scenarios where the use of smartwatch sensors can help companies achieve higher productivity, output quality, and improve the safety of employees. It also describes areas where a custom app would be reasonable and where it could be problematic. And finally, it points out the challenges companies face if they decide for smartwatch deployment.
To learn more about our findings, you can download the study as an eBook here.
However, this study is only the beginning of our efforts in this area. You can expect more exciting news from Resco soon.

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