Resco Winter Update preview: What’s cooking for partners?


Resco’s Winter Update 2020 will arrive in December. And here, you can check out several exciting additions that will help implementation partners deliver new and powerful capabilities to their clients. 

Smarter reports, easier setup 

With the Winter Update you’ll no longer need the Report Editor to set up custom reports in Resco Inspections 
Instead you can do it while creating the questionnaire, simply by adjusting report properties directly in the Questionnaire designer. And preview the result while you’re at it! 
resco smart reports winter release 2020

Different experience for various roles in a single app 

What do you do when a user should have access to multiple app experiences because he/she has several roles? 
That is why were introducing the App concept. You will be able to define multiple app projects and the user can then choose which one he/she will use. So instead of having just one project and one experience for each user, you’ll be able to create as many carefully crafted experiences for end users as you need. And they can decide which one to use based on the situation they are in. 

Resco Houston – AR calls for everyone! 

Responding to strong interest from partners and clients alike, Resco Houston will be available across all Resco-based apps. You can add AR video calls to your solution, whether it’s built on Inspections, Routes, Mobile CRM or your own, fully customized Resco app.  
Houston AR video calls also arrive to Android with the Winter Update. Users can now make the most out of it across iOS, Android, and their PC’s web browser – without the need to purchase any specialized equipment. 
And lets not forget about the vastly improved precision of its AR drawings. Experts will be able to place AR instructions more accurately with the advanced field mapping. It visualizes the scene’s depth and allows to highlight even the smallest details. 

Discover more innovations at resco.next 2020 Virtual 

We’re preparing these and many other upgrades not just for our Winter Update. And you can hear much more about them directly from Resco’s Head of Product, Juraj Mojikat resco.next 2020 Virtual, this Thursday (November 12). 
Check out the full event agenda, register for free, and make sure you don’t miss Juraj’s session titled Innovation & disruption: How Resco technology can help you adapt. 

Want to experience the Resco Winter Update early? 

We’re preparing these and many other upgrades for our Winter Update 2020 – and we’d like you to see them first.  
Join our beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco release before it’s public launch. You’ll be able to try out new features, tell us what works best for you, and suggest where we can improve. 
The first beta of the Winter Update will arrive in just a few days. If you sign up for beta testing (or already have signed up in the past) you will receive an email notification immediately after it becomes available. 
Please note that the features and images above are development previews and can be subject to change in the final product release.