6 takeaways from Resco CEO’s Keynote at resco.next 2020 Virtual


2020 hasn’t been a usual year in any way. We witnessed how the world has changed almost overnight. This change affected virtually every area of our lives, transforming how we do things and making us look for alternative solutions wherever possible. That was the case of our annual conference, resco.next as well.

Change happened, and we adapted. That’s why after Rome, Prague, Boston, Vienna, or Philadelphia – to name just a few of our previous event locations –, we took resco.next to an entirely new setting: to the virtual world. On November 12, Resco CEO Miro Pomsar kicked off the conference with his Keynote to discuss the year’s biggest challenges and successes.

1. Solving challenges that matter

Solving challenges that truly matter is at the heart of everything we do at Resco. When the pandemic hit our home country, Slovakia, at the beginning of spring, we couldn’t just sit around and wait until the situation gets better.

We immediately knew that we want to be part of the solution. At the time, Slovakia went into lockdown, and we all started working from home. However, not being able to gather in our meeting rooms or the kitchen couldn’t keep us from putting our heads together and work on solutions. We created a Teams channel called Action Heroes, and it was soon overflowing with bright ideas.

Not long after that, our COVID-19 Passport was born. It’s a medical questionnaire built in collaboration with doctors, and it can be utilized for checking symptoms and receiving guidance on what steps should (or shouldn’t) be taken based on the results. Thanks to our American team, the solution is now deployed across several schools and banks in the United States – keeping students, teachers, and employees safe.

And organizations from other industries are more than welcome to check it out too.

It also makes us extremely proud that several of our colleagues volunteered to teach disadvantaged kids who didn’t have access to online education during the lockdown.

2. Developing new opportunities for our partners and customers

Tomas Gregor, Resco’s Marketing and Business Development Director, joined Miro Pomsar on stage to talk about the constantly growing support provided to our partner network and clients. He shared some of the most notable achievements, such as:

  • Building up dedicated marketing resources for each ecosystem
  • Introducing seven new co-marketing packages for our partners
  • Creating a new sales team to prospect, develop, and share opportunities for Resco Inspections
  • The launch of Resco Academy – our learning platform dedicated to the Resco portfolio. Since its debut in March, we had over 500 registered attendees from six continents.

3. Resco expands its global presence

2020 brought many exciting new partnerships. One of those is our strategic partnership with Hitachi Solutions. Thanks to this collaboration, Resco now has a stronger presence in Japan and Asia.

Moreover, due to our ongoing business development activities, there are more and more opportunities for our partners operating in Australia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Simona Urbanova, Strategic Partnership Specialist at Resco, also shared another great news, which is our collaboration with DocuSign. Legally binding signature verification is now possible directly in your Resco app, even when working offline.

4. An announcement by Craig Chapa, CTO at Key2Act

In 2012, Key2Act partnered with Resco to leverage our Multi-experience Development Platform and deliver MobileTech – one of Key2Act’s flagship solutions. Today, over 11,000 field service technicians use MobileTech across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean to provide efficient services. And now Key2act is adding Resco Inspections to their solution.

“A mobile form solution has been a top request from Key2Act customers for a long time. It is critical to have the right partner to deliver this functionality. Understanding that the users have different levels of experience, it was important to have a very intuitive system. We know we will be able to achieve this with Resco because MobileTech and Resco Inspections acts as a single solution. This will give our customers a huge advantage and allow them to be even more competitive in an ever-evolving market,” said Craig Chapa.

5. Create your next-generation knowledge base with Resco Houston

Video calls can be fantastic tools for solving challenges, especially when remote technical support is needed. However, they have some limitations. For example, it can be challenging (and often frustrating) to navigate the person on the other end.

We set out to overcome this limitation with Resco Houston – our AR collaboration and remote video call feature. Houston AR video calls enables users to virtually put their finger on a concrete spot, even miles away from them. It’s like having your co-worker next to you when you need guidance or support.

In the future, Resco Houston will also add a new dimension to sharing and preserving knowledge. We are planning to extend its capabilities to record voice and image alongside the AR markers. This means that when having an AR call with a co-worker, for example, to help him fix a machine, the entire step-by-step explanation can be recorded and saved. So when technicians encounter a similar problem in the future, they can simply watch the recording to guide them through the process.

To learn more about Resco Houston, check out this blog post.

6. Resco is no longer just a software company

One of the most anticipated moments of resco.next 2020 Virtual was the unveiling of our new product – NIVY Watch.

From now on, Resco is not only a software company. Radomir Vozar, Resco’s Co-founder and Head of the Board, held a session dedicated to NIVY Watch, in which he explained what the first smartwatch designed for professional use can do, and how it can help in various business scenarios.
Explore NIVY Watch in detail and get your evaluation kit here.

Couldn’t attend resco.next 2020 Virtual? We have good news for you!

In case you missed the live conference, we invite you to watch it on the virtual event platform, where you can access the entire recording for a month. You can reach the platform by clicking on the link in the confirmation email you received after registration. In case you have trouble accessing the recording, please contact us at events@resco.net.

And even if you didn’t register before the event, you can still do so and enjoy the best resco.next 2020 Virtual has to offer.

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Final thoughts

I could go on and on writing about all the other highlights of resco.next 2020 Virtual. But as I mentioned above, you can still experience all the sessions yourself. Instead, I’ll close with Miro Pomsar’s final words from the Keynote:

“The reason we come to work every day is to work on difficult problems. And we love to work with partners and customers who share our hunger for better software, hardware, and experiences. We aspire to create products for leaders and innovators.”

To all of you who attended our first virtual conference – thank you. And whether online or in person – we can’t wait to see you next year!