Resco Spring Update: The highlights from our first release of 2021

realwear headset and visuals of client portal and docusing in Resco

There is something for every user, customer, and partner coming in Resco’s Spring Update. For example, with the freshly added capabilities, you can:

  • Create a go-to hub for clients enabling to streamline communication, data sharing, and request receiving
  • Use revamped user interface of remote assistance and take advantage of AR features on Android
  • Deploy a RealWear app tailored for technicians working in challenging conditions (launching later in the spring)
  • Integrate Resco products with Dynamics 365 Business Central and hundreds of third-party solutions from Microsoft’s Power Automate library (full support in April)
  • Optimize routes with enhanced algorithm considering new inputs from your schedule

And there is much more to unpack. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights from the latest release.

New go-to hub for all your clients

No matter the industry you work in, connecting and communicating with end customers, contractors, or suppliers are vital parts of the business. Sometimes customers need a report from past inspections. Another time, they want to re-schedule the next appointment. And if they can’t find the information easily, it might take a lot of time to deliver what’s needed.

Client portal in resco spring update feature

To make this communication efficient and smooth for both sides, we’re introducing the Client Portal. A new client-facing hub to store their information and requests in one place. Through the portal, you can offer a dedicated overview to every client – covering past inspections, services delivered, scheduled maintenance checks, and more.

It only takes a few clicks to create a Client Portal in Woodford. And external stakeholders will be able to access information related to their accounts quickly and without the need to search for documents in emails or previous communication.

client portal in resco spring update

What’s more, you can also receive clients’ requests via the portal and keep them informed about the work progress. You will see all the requests in your dashboard and can assign them to your team in seconds. Both your field workers and clients will see the assignment automatically in their schedule, keeping everyone in the loop.

Available in: Resco Inspections and Field Service

Higher precision in AR instructions with 3D arrows

AR video calls allow experts to provide remote assistance to any technician in need. But when video calls become shaky, placing AR tags can be difficult. That’s where the new predefined 3D arrows come in.

From now on, experts can easily choose between drawings and predefined arrows. The former offers virtually unlimited flexibility, the latter dramatically enhances instruction precision. Simply pick the arrow with the appropriate color and tap on the designated spot to place it precisely where intended.

Resco Houston AR video call with predefined arrows and simpler UI

And that’s not the last UI change that will make the life of remote experts easier. When working on a desktop, a new movable navigation panel allows users to adjust its position and improve the scene’s visibility. Plus, AR video calls are now also available on Android devices. So, it doesn’t matter if your employees use an iPad, desktop, or Android. They will get access to AR instructions all the same.

Available in: All Resco products

Dedicated app for hands-free scenarios and challenging conditions

For a long, frontline workers have struggled with access to digital solutions that simplify or improve their workflow. It’s even more challenging in scenarios where employees can’t use mobile devices directly when performing a task. Either they need both hands for work, or they operate in an environment where these devices wouldn’t last long.

To change the status quo, this spring we will be launching a dedicated app for the RealWear HMT-1 – the world’s leading hands-free remote collaboration device. This Inspections-based app will allow technicians to utilize digital questionnaires, reports, and AR video calls tailored for hands-free operation via voice.

RealWear HMT-1 device on a helmet with Resco Inspections based app

As a result, users of RealWear devices will get a solution enabling visual workflows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Resco Cloud. It is the first solution of its kind available on the RealWear platform. And it’s also a unique opportunity for companies to further empower frontline workers.

Also worth noting is the fact that this app is built with the same tools Resco partners already know and use, and can be further customized. You don’t need to spend extra effort learning a different technology or tool and can extend your offering comfortably.

Available in: Resco Platform

Business Central & hundreds of new integrations available

In early April, we will also launch new out-of-the-box support for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Furthermore, through the new Resco Cloud connector, you will be able to connect other third-party systems available in Microsoft’s Power Automate library with our existing solutions – including Field Service, Inspections, and Routes.

Microsoft Business Central and Resco solutions integrations

This brings countless new ways of automating workflows and processes across organizations, eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Available in: Resco Platform

Routes planning with advanced algorithm

Optimizing routes throughout a field worker’s day can save a lot of time and resources. With the Spring Update, you can start to use various additional route planning parameters:

  • Change the destination of an appointment using autocomplete feature or map localization
  • Define custom start and end points for up to 10 locations
  • Configure opening hours for entities and schedule appointments only during these hours
  • Set up fixed appointments that won’t be affected by automatic re-scheduling, and users’ agenda will be optimized around them

Available in: Resco Platform

Bring the ultimate mobile experience to your organization

Apart from the highlights above, with Resco’s Spring Update 2021, customers and partners can take advantage of new capabilities like cloud storage for images, the custom layout of question groups, new editable fields in Woodford, and more.

You can explore all the new features available in the Spring Update 2021 here.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to mobilecrm@resco.net. And If you haven’t worked with Resco before and want to try the Spring Update capabilities, simply check out www.resco.net and start a free 30-day trial of any of our solutions.