Turn on the reminders in Resco Mobile CRM

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Let me remind you of the reminders that you might have forgotten haven’t you been reminded of them just now by this blog about reminders.
Ok, enough for the wordplay.
You can set reminders for events (activities) in your Mobile CRM app.
Pop-up reminder within Resco Mobile CRM Reminder of a scheduled appointment in the Resco Mobile CRMYour app will notify you of your upcoming meetings, tasks and other activities, so your chances of forgetting them will practically vanish (or decrease at least).

App users

Resco Mobile CRM Setup - Use RemindersGo into app and turn on the use reminders in setup. That is it.
If you are using the free version of the app, or your system admin has not done any changes to reminder settings, the app will from now on remind you of your open Tasks and scheduled Appointments at the start time of the event.
Note: Scheduled appointments are those, where you select show as ‘busy’ or ‘out-of-office’.

System admins

Open the mobile project in Woodford, go into Configuration and turn on reminders (set them to True). This will automatically turn on the feature in the mobile app.
Woodford Configuration section - turn on reminders
If you lock this setting, mobile users won’t be able to change it in their app.

What more can you do?

Open a mobile project in Woodford and go into section Events & Reminders. In this tab, you can:

  • define which events will trigger reminders
  • choose which events will be displayed in the personal (device’s native) calendar app

So if you’d like to set reminders for other events (even custom ones!), just click on ̍Newˈ button. Woodford Configuration tab - turn on reminders
Then choose the entity, the integration option (if you want to only use reminders or also have the event displayed in the native calendar app), the field for the start and end date, and the description (what is displayed as the actual notification).
Note: If you choose the option ˈreminders onlyˈ for the integration option, the notification will be displayed at the start time. If you choose ˈsync with calendarˈ, the notification will be shown 15 minutes prior to the start time. That’s just the way it is. But users can always set a custom alert time for each event in their native calendar app, so there’s that.
Adding a new event to use reminders
In this example, I have added a new event – Service Activity and I have also edited the other ones to be also displayed in my device’s calendar app.

Extra Tip: Filters

You can set a filter for each event by clicking on ‘Define Filter’ button.
Only those records that meet the filter criteria will trigger reminders/ will be displayed in the native calendar.
So for example, I want my users to be reminded only of their own activities. Plus they got to be either open or scheduled (no point of being reminded of closed and cancelled appointments in this case).
New event to use reminders
That is it for reminders – hope they’ll help you out.
Don’t forget to check out the full functionality of the mobile CRM calendar, or watch a short video tip on navigation within the app.