Can I copy a phone contact into CRM? Yup, with Resco Mobile CRM you can.


You’ve got some contacts in your phone address book that are business related, right?
And oftentimes you mistakenly think they are also on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. But then you find yourself looking for a contact as you create an activity or draft an email and… it’s not there.
The harsh reality hits you.
You’ve got to copy/paste it into CRM to proceed further.
This takes time and, let’s be honest, it’s one of those annoying little administrative tasks you’re just not that into.
This is why I think that one of the most exciting things in the upcoming Resco Mobile CRM update is definitely going to be, drum rolls please, phone contacts import.

What does it do?

This little guy allows you to import and match the contacts from the address book on your phone with those on your Dynamics CRM server.
Like this:
Phone contact import Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

You open up your list of contacts in the Resco Mobile CRM app and boom, you see a combined view of contacts from your CRM system and your phone.
A little old-school phone icon indicates which contacts are taken from your address book.
Now what?
Create account, contact or lead form a phone address book contact
You can open up a contact. If it is one from your address book, you’ll get the option to create either a CRM account, a contact or a lead from it.
No manual entry. Just quick and easy click.
What’s more! If you already have a CRM contact with the same email address or phone number, the app recognizes a match and gives you the option to merge your phone contact with it. This means that the record will be displayed only once, as a CRM record – if a contact, account with a phone, email and a name are the same on CRM and your phone.

When will this feature be available?

Glad you asked. You can get this feature right now.

Here’s how to set up the phone contacts import in the Resco Mobile CRM app

First, you need to have the contact stored on your phone or tablet. Then, enable the Personal Contacts option in Resco Mobile CRM application (Setup section). This will enable you to see personal contacts among your CRM contacts in Contacts entity.
You will see the personal contact with a phone icon like this one:
Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM Phone Contacts Import
Once you open it, you will see the information about the contact and have a couple of options to do in regard to the Mobile CRM app.
There are 3 ways of importing the contact data: As an account, contact or lead.

Note: If the contact’s email or phone address matches one of your existing CRM contacts, there would be another available option – to merge these two contacts into one.
When you select an option, a new form will be opened with prefilled fields for the personal contact. You can add more info to it (if needed) and save the record once you’re done.
Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM Phone Contacts Import - Edit & Save
Once you save the changes, the account/contact/lead will be created and after synchronizing the app with your Dynamics CRM, it will also be available on the server.
The end.

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